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No, if you do that than the parent goldfish (and any other goldfish around) will eat all the eggs and any possible fry.

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How do you get female goldfish to have babies without a male goldfish around?

This is imposssible because the male goldfish must be present when the female lays her eggs so that he can release a cloud of milt (sperm) to fertilize the eggs.

How do you tell if your tropical goldfish is an male or female?

There is very little sexual dimorphism between male and female goldfish. Male goldfish are generally more slender, because they lack ovaries. Female goldfish may have swollen abdomens. Unless you are a professional, it is not advised to breed goldfish at home, because they cannot lay their eggs due to selective breeding. The eggs must be squeezed out of the female, when they are ready.

Do male goldfish stay in tank with female goldfish while spawning?

Yes because the male needs to fertilize the eggs. But after he does that, you have to separate the male and the female from the eggs because they are likely to eat them.

Does goldfish lay egg?

Yes, a female goldfish may lay eggs if a male is present and chases her; if there is no male, most times the female will re-absorb her eggs.

You only have one catfish and a few goldfish and the catfish had eggs how?

Catfish eggs are fertilized by the male after being They must be goldfish eggs. It is nearly impossible to have catfish breed on their own in a tank or pond. Any fish female can have eggs, the eggs are fertilized after the female lays the eggs. So if the eggs hatch then most likely they be goldfish.

Do goldfish lay eggs?

Yes, female goldfish lay eggs which are fertilized by the cloud of milt that a male goldfish, if present, releases shortly afterward.yes they do when they mate

What is the difference between male and female goldfish?

The main difference between male and female goldfish is that male goldfish cannot reproduce. This is because, anatomically, females are the only gender that can carry eggs.

How does a male goldfish know when the female goldfish is ready to lay eggs?

i dont know, why dont you ask a goldfish

How long does it take goldfish eggs to hatch?

The Goldfish eggs should hatch in two or three days depending on the temperature of the water in your tank. First it is important to realize that the eggs must be fertilized by a male Goldfish, after the eggs have been laid by a female Goldfish. Did you have a male Goldfish in the tank with the female? If not the eggs will not be fertile, will soon turn opaque white, and will not hatch. But if the eggs were fertilized, they should hatch in two or three days depending on the temperature of the water in tank. Note: You should not try to remove the eggs from your tank.

How long are goldfish pregnant?

Goldfish do not get pregnant. When the time comes, the female lays eggs, in the male fertilizes them.

Can your female goldfish have babies without a male goldfish?

The female can produce a batch of 500-1000 eggs, but they need to be fertilized by the male for them to become viable. She releases the eggs, they stick to the plants, walls, rocks in the tank, and then the male has to come by and spray them.

My goldfish has spot help?

A male goldfish developes white spots when he is about to fertilize the females eggs. It could be possible that you have a male and a female! Congrats!!!

Can all girl goldfish have babies?

All female goldfish are capable of laying eggs. If there is no male to fertilize them, they will not hatch.

How do you identify a male and female goldfish?

The fin on the top of female goldfish would be bigger than that for the male goldfish. and there is a brown patch at the end of their ears for female goldfish, but not for male goldfish. goldfish have ears??

Do you need a male goldfish for a female goldfish to have babies?

Yes, in order for the eggs of a female goldfish to grow embryos, a male goldfish must fertilize them. When spawning conditions are ideal, the males become more active and chase around the females. The males might also get tiny white bumps on their gill covers and pectoral fins. When the females are ready to lay eggs, they seek out vegetation or a nice place to drop her eggs. Right after she drops the eggs, the males immediately follow and fertilize the eggs. The eggs that become fertilized and are not eaten by hungry goldfish, they will hatch within a week and become goldfish fry. If the goldfish fry survive, they can grow into full-sized goldfish.

What makes a female goldfish lay eggs?

The female has eggs already inside her. The male will keep bumping up against her. This causes her to release the eggs. After sometime the male will fertalize the eggs. Be careful beause mom dad and tank mated WILL eat the eggs. They must be removed if you want to raise the fish fry.

How do you tell between female or male goldfish?

Female goldfish are usually bigger than male goldfish.

Do the male goldfish lay the eggs?

No, no matter what type of fish the female fish lays the eggs and the male fertilizes and protects the eggs after the eggs are layed and also the female that layed the eggs goes away and never comes back.

What is the difference between a male and female goldfish?

One lays eggs; the other fertilizes them.

What does a male goldfish look like when it's carrying eggs?

Male goldfish do not carry eggs.

Do male goldfish eat eggs from the female?

Male goldfish have been known to, on occassion ,eat the female goldfish's eggs after she lays them. This is usually pretty rare because, instinctively the male will want to fertilise the eggs instead of eating them. This is most likely to occur in males that are being bred for the first time.

How do goldfish lay eggs?

A gold fish lay eggs by when they are spawning and the male puts the milt in the girl goldfish the female goldfish would get eggs and she will lay them over the tank and the male will spray his milt over the eggs and then you have to ether move the parents and the others or you can remve the eggs ... hope this helped you peace duces

How do you know when a goldfish having babies?

Goldfish are egg laying fish, and unless there is a male in the tank to chase the female and convince her to release eggs, you may not know that she is either female, or even has eggs to release.

Do goldfish have penises?

No. Goldfish reproduce by having the female lay the eggs on plants at the bottom of the tank, and then the male releasing his sperm over them.

When will a female goldfish lay eggs after it mates?

Goldfish do not have physical contact type mating as mammals do. When conditions are perfect for breeding, the male goldfish chases the female goldfish and they go into what appears to be a "frenzy". At this stage, she sprays her sticky ova (eggs) all over the plants and shallow areas of their pond (aquarium) where they stick and are fertilized by the milt (sperm) that is sprayed by the male goldfish. Then if the fish are not separated from the eggs the fish will eat them.