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Must you receive court papers before your car is repossessed?

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It depends on the state, but usually it is only required that the lending institution have the papers. In general, you already know when the loan is in default.

2006-07-30 15:17:43
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Q: Must you receive court papers before your car is repossessed?
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Do court papers have to be served before your car can be repossessed?

That depends on the state law, but generally, no.

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yes, however they can only take you to court for the total intrest.

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The Clerk of the Court can - sometimes for a modest fee - provide a copy of any court papers you lost.

Can mum is paying half the mortgage of her house because her husband died the other half should be paid by his son but is not will it get repossessed?

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If you are unemployed drawing unemployment insurance and your vehicle is repossessed can the lender go after home and property you own in order to receive the balance of the vehicle?

NO! Not without a court order granting them that action. Taking anything that was not covered in the contract would be conversion.

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