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egr valve bad.

2010-10-05 21:12:26
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Where is the vacuum pump 1992 300sl Mercedes?

where is vaccum pump for 300sl and how do you check it

Mercedes 300sl radio code with VIN number?


What was the fastest car from 1951-1960?

I think its a Mercedes 300sl gullwing

Which sports car first had winglike doors?

The most recognized- is the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300sl "Gullwing"

Where are the relays for the soft top in a 1994 Mercedes 300SL?

The soft top of the 300SL ( W129) is operated by a control unit, not by relays. If you want a can tray find a localization picture of the control unit for the soft top

Who invented the first super car?

The 1954 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing is considered by many as the worlds first supercar.

Does a 1990 300SL have a timing chain or a belt?

The 129R with the 6 cylinder engine - the 300SL - has a timing chain. Please note also that Mercedes Benz makes a modified tensioner(s) to correct a problem with the chain rubbing on the cover.

What were the fastest production car's 1950-59?

The fastest car production in 1950-1959 was the Jaguar D type at 172.8mph. Second is the Mercedes Benz 300sl at 161mph.

Where is heater motor 92 Mercedes?

I need more information as to what model you have ???190E300CE300D300E300SD300SE300SL300TE400E400SE500E500SEL500SL600SEL

What was george harrisons favorite car?

"My earliest memory of a car is a Jaguar XK120 racing a Mercedes-Benz 300SL", he once said. So i guess it might have been one of those cars.

Where is car battery in Mercedes sl500 2003?

I have a 1993 300sl and the battery is in the trunk on the passenger side. There is a knob that has to be twisted out and the wll of the trunk should pop out revealing a car battery. Its not that hard. Hope this helps.

What type of refrigerant does a 1991 Mercedes Benz 300SL use?

The '91 used R-12. You need to buy the converters from Mercedes because the universal connectors are usually too small. The Mercedes converters are cheap. You can gety them from any Mercedes dealership. Make sure you vac out the system before you add R-134. Another good idea is to change the dryer and expansion valve before recharging the system.

Where can i get the Electrical wiring diagram for 1991 Mercedes Benz 300sl?

Try this dont listen to people who say to old or get it for free when its not.. Here is a truly free sdchematic with stereos also If you want to know something ask ME

How to manually put convertable top up on 91 300sl?

you would haft to disconect the top cylinder

Are the seats in a 1994 Mercedes SL 500 Roadster the same or softer in a 1993 Mercedes 500 SL Roadster?

I bought a 1992 300SL and the seats were so hard that I thought something was wrong. So I went to a showroom and sat in the seat of a 1998 500SL, same hard seats. To remedy the problem I had my upholstery specialist take my seats apart and replace the German horsehair/hard rubber fabric with modern foam rubber. The seats are much more comfortable now but not as comfortable as my Volvo. The Volvo also has cup holders, the Mercedes does not, which helps understand the hard seats.

How do you remove ignition switch on 91 300SL- Key fits and turns slightly but wont unlock steering column?

i have the same car with the same probem but my key turns

Why doesn't your 1992 300sl automatic trans not shift?

If the fluid level is OK and does not smell burned and the shift lever works the transmission may need to looked at by a repair place.

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Your 300sl Benz runs fine setting still but when placed in gear shuts off?

When a 300 SL Benz will run fine put when in park it cut off it can only mean one thing. It usually mean that the oxygen sensor has gone bad. A oxygen sensor can be bought at any auto parts store.

Has anybody got a list of the rare cars from Gran Turismo 5?

Rarest cars to buy all from 1 to 10 million dollars----Porsche 916--Talbot LGO Grand Sport--Mercedes 300SL Aston Martin Bulldog Tucker 1948 Packard Panther 1969 ZLI Camero The up and coming Collectable that is fairly easy to buy right now is the Reatta! If Anyone has a 1990 Buick Reatta under 100k miles can get 30,000 dollars in the right condition. And by 2025 the Reatta will be worth over 200,000 dollars,While some clueless owners are selling them today under 7 and 5k !!!! (hand made cars only 17k ever made 30mpg /137 MPH) can drive over 500k miles without a problem.

If the air conditioning system is full of freon however the compressor wont engage where would you need to check for malfunction '91 Mercedes 300SL?

Remember always start with the cheapest solution, in this case a/c fuse. Happened to me. Find the drier, behind drivers side headlight. Its a black cylinder with the refrigerant lines going in and out. Take the wires (they are black, 90 degree angle) off the drier switch (larger sensor at top of drier) and jump them with paper clip to see if compressor will engage. If so, switch may be bad. Also, inside of footwell, under the steering wheel area, drivers side, the evaporator temp sensor could have gone bad. You will have to remove under steering wheel cover to access temp sensor. If faulty, will not let the compressor engage. Likely cause, pressure switch.

List of every car that held the record for fastest production car?

1.Benz Patent-Motorwagen (unknown speed)2.Daimler Motorized Carriage(14.29 mph)3.Mercedes 35 hp(53 mph)4.Mercedes 60 hp(unknown speed)5.Bentley 3 Litre(99.4193908 mph)6.Mercedes-Benz SSK(130 mph)7.Bentley 4 1/2 Litre(138 mph)8.Pegaso Z-102(151.999821 mph)9.Mercedes-Benz 300SL(155.342798 mph)10.Ferrari America(162.177881 mph)11.Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR(169.99 mph)12.Ferrari 250 GTO(173.40 mph)13.Ferrari Daytona(175 mph)14.Lamborghini Miura(179 mph)15.Lamborghini Countach(183.9 mph)16.Ferrari 288 GTO(189 mph)17.Porsche 959(197 mph)18.Ferrari F40(201 mph)19.Lamborghini Diablo(202 mph)20.Bugatti EB110 SS(217 mph/349 km/h)21.Jaguar XJ220(217 mph/350 km/h)22.McLaren F1(243 mph)23.Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4(253.81 mph)24.SSC Ultimate Aero TT(259.12 mph)So,from the very first car,the Benz-Patent Motorwagen(produced 1886-1893) right up to today's ultra-fast SSC Ultimate Aero TT(produced from 2006) and all cars listed here have held the record of 'Fastest Production car'. Reminds me.By the end of the year, some people expect another car in this hall of fame:25.Barabus TKR (over 270 mph)FACT:SSC are producing an electric version of the Ultimate Aero TT, the Ultimate Aero EV.It doesn't go as fast as the TT,but it does reach 208 mph.Extremely good for an electric car.

Hi you have a 300sl you put the battery in backwards and lost the power top please help?

Initially, I didn't think anything would happen as your battery duked it out with the grounding strap, sparking and heating up. I did a little research and found that people who switched the battery cables blew their ECU's and relays, or anything with a diode in it. Maybe it reversed the polarity in the rest of the car. If the rest of your car is okay, the engine starts, radio plays, etc., then I would check the convertible motor. Check the wire with a testor to see if it's getting juice to the motor. No juice, check the relay in the fuse box. Juice going to and from the relay, check the switch on the console.

How do you remove and install top 1993 Mercedes 300sl?

A 1993 MB SL has 2 tops. 1: The canvas top stays in the boot. 2: The hard top can be removed from the car. There is a big button on the center console, to the rear of the shifter. Accessing this button will unlock the hard top, allowing you to hoist the top off of the car. You will need either an optional hoisting device, with a block and tackle to lift the top off the car, or two, reasonably strong men to lift the top straight up, then walk it to the rear of the car. Its not that heavy of a top, its bulky. Make sure the antenna mast is all the way down, otherwise you'll snag or break the mast. You might also want to put a towel or mat down on the trunk lid to prevent any damage which can occur when you move this bulky top After you remove the hard top, use the same big button on the center console to activate the top, either up or down. This is a fully automated set up, and should take less than 20 seconds from start to finish to take up or down. You might want to take some WD40 to the top's hinges just to make things run smoother. The mechanics and soft top are very expensive items which need TLC and maintenance if you want them to last and work properly. Avoid using harsh detergents on the canvas top. Those chemicals in harsh soap will make the canvas brittle and subject to tears. DM

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