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No, zebra finches can also be found in pet stores outside of Australia.

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there are 4 main categories for the finches: the parrot like billed finches, the Grasping billed finches, the Probing billed finch and the Crushing billed finch.

The plural of finch is finches.

Doug Finch and Bev Finch

A warbler finch is a bird, one of Darwin Finches in the tanager family. There are two types of warbler finches, the green and the grey warbler finch.

The plural form of the noun finch is finches.The plural possessive form is finches'.Example: The thick bushes were home to several finches' nests.

it is estimated only 2500 adult Gouldian Finches are left in the wild.

Yes they can because they are the same specias so i have one and it works its eather they are zebra finch, guldian finch and a scoity finch thats the finch they make together,

Scout Finch Jem Finch Atticus Finch Aunt Alexandra Finch Jack Finch and a few more.... these are the main Finches mentioned in the novel if you need more of an explanation just ask

There are a variety of finches, so the answer can differ depending on the type of finch. Most finches primarily eat seeds, fruits and select vegetables.

well there are a lot of finches, and one of the smallest finches eat bugs/insects

house finch, gold finch, purple finch, zebra finch, parrot finch, society finch, bengalese finch, lady gouldian finch, spice finch, red bow firetail finch, canary finch, Australian finch

Male finches are called cocks

Yes, finches belong to the order Passeriformes.

yes, but only with the green face parrot finch

14 different species all originating from one common ancestor that is thought to have it's origin in the Caribbean and not the main land of South America as once thought, there are Warbler finches, they divide into 2 insect eating species called, the Green Warbler finch and the Gray Warbler Finch. The seed eater is the Sharp-beaked ground finch and a bud eater called the Vegetarian Finch. Another group is Tree Finches that divide into Insect Eaters, the Mangrove Finch, Woodpecker Finch, Medium Tree Finch, Small Tree Finch and Large Tree Finch. And the last group is the Ground Finches that divide into 2 groups the first is the cactus flower-eaters which are Large Cactus Ground Finch and the Cactus Ground Finch. The second sub group is the Seed Eaters, Small ground Finch, Medium Ground Finch and the Large Ground Finch.

the finches landing is a successful farm on the banks of the Alabama River owned by Alexandra Finch.

what is the breeding season of zebra finches

A finch population on an island is more isolated than Êa finch population in a large forest. ÊThe gene pool of the island population would be more limited than the genetic possibilities of the finch population in the forest. ÊThe island finches would be more likely to pass on specialized genes than the forest finches. the island finches have more spatial isolation the island finches have more geographical isolation

Society finches get along with Zebs quite well... they are often used to foster Zeb eggs...

Finch owners have reported finches being OK in temperatures as cold as 32-40 degrees. As long as the finches are covered and protected from the elements.

Well... I personally think that cactus finches eat cactuses because in some images on the web, if you type in cactus finches, some will have a picture of a cactus finch eating bits of a cactus.

finches cost about 15$ I think it depends on what type of finch you are interested in. Society and zebra finches are releltively inexpensive, other breeds can be quite costly (ie Gouldian finches can be $200/pair)

Because they are in the finch family, a group of small seedeaters allied to buntings, grosbeaks, sparrows.

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