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Talk to the Authorities and a Lawyer. Blackmail is a CRIME.

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Your ex-husband is blackmailing you with the inland revenue to drop a child support case you have pending What can you do?

You should proceed with the child support case. You will have to risk the other finding out whatever you don't want them to know. Your ex husband shouldn't know details about your finances, it is best to keep them private.

What does IRD stand for?

inland revenue department

Who do you make your tax payment to?

inland revenue

Can the inland revenue check your bank account?


Who is the executive officer of Federal Inland Revenue Service in Nigeria?

Mrs. Ifueko Omoigui Okauru is the CEO of Federal Inland Revenue Service, Nigeria.

Where can you get anti terrorist certificate?

from the inland revenue office here in brussel

What does inland revenue mean in Nigeria?

It is the body that operates the taxation system for the government.

Why inland revenue department is interested in the business activities?

cause they collect the taxes of the business

Who is United Kingdom tax authority?

HMRC. Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. Until recently they were two separate organizations. Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise and then they merged.

What is the address of British Inland Revenue Board?

New Wing, Sommerset House, Strand, London. WC2RILB

Does an inland revenue check clear the same day?

No. The same clearing process is used as a regular cheque

Can you give a good sentence for dishonest businessman?

The dishonest businessman was caught out by a surprise audit by the Inland Revenue.

How long do you need to keep your tax records in hong kong?

7 Years See Inland Revenue Website:

Is the internal revenue service a British corporation?

The Internal Revenue Service is a part of the United States Department of the Treasury. The British equivalent is HM Revenue and Customs, a non-ministerial department of the U.K. Government. Much of this work used to be dealt with by another department, Inland Revenue, which was merged with HM Customs and Excise in 2005.

Is housing allowance considered earned income?

It depends who is asking. If it is the Inland Revenue or any governmental benefits agency then they will class is as income.

How do i let the inland revenue know my name has changed?

This cannot be an unusual ooccurrence. I'm certain that there are appropriate forms available from them for this exact purpose.

Is IRS under british government?

Yes, Inland Revenue is controlled by the UK Government, except that we call it 'Income Tax' over here.

Where does Goods and Service Tax go to?

19% goes directly into the governments coffers. I don't know what happens to the rest once Inland Revenue have collected it.

How can I file my taxes on my own?

The Inland Revenue Service has a comprehensive list of common questions and answers on their website. You can find it at

Powers and functions of federal board of revenue in Pakistan?

Federal Board of Revenue is supreme and thought to be the most powerful federal agency of Pakistan that is responsible for collection of taxes. Inland Revenue is a collection arm of FBR that audits, enforces and collects large share of taxes for Pakistan. FBR's powers are vast, overriding and unique.

How does the IRS define a c corporation?

The Inland Revenue Service defines a "C" Corporation as one that is legally independent from its owners. It also does not have a personal tax liability for its owners.

Can you find your national insurance number online for working forms?

If you have lost your national insurance number you must report it to the the officials HM customs & Revenue Inland Revenue you can find out your number at your nearest Job Centre or Job Centre plus (Remember you can only acquire one replacement card)

Is it warmer inland or on the coast?


How may I print Inland Revenue blank reclaim of tax forms for Charity Gift Aid?

The Charity Repayment Claim, along with most of the forms for the New Gift Aid packet, is available at the Inland Revenue (now HM Revenue and Customs) web site, by typing Gift Aid in the Search box.You also may write to IR Charities (Charity Repayments), St. John's House Unit 361, Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside L69 9BB.Or phone at 08453 02 02 03.Or send email to

Do giraffes live coast or inland?