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Stop worrying. Fingering has nothing to do with when she would get her period or if she got a fever. Its ok.

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Can a girl release her sperms by fingering during her periods?

Girls do not have sperms.

Can fingering a girl mess up her period?

No, it has absolutely no effect at all on periods.

Can fingering yourself make your period start?

No, periods are controlled by hormones and masturbation will not change that.

Info i need to know about periods?

The info that you need to know about periods is that you will require a tampon if you are having periods and you want to engage in an activity such as swimming.

What Do African Women Use For There Periods?

A bucket, according to my girlfriend.

During which of these time periods was the solar activity the least?


Is it normal to have periods when your really flirty with your girlfriend?

when your horny you lil minx ;)

What do muscles run low on during periods of strenous activity?


What is the number of years between periods of sunspot activity?

11 years

What is monkey crotch?

Sustained periods of activity in wet underwear resulting in irritation.

What do muscle cells run low on during periods of strenuouse activity?


The recurrence of periods of growth and recession in a nations economic activity?

business cycle

Is weight lifting an aerobic activity?

only if you do it for long periods of time, other than that, no

What type of activity is testing the ability of your muscles to move for long periods of time?


What do muscle cells run low on during periods of strenuous activity?

It`s Oxygen

Do periods affect boys?

Somehow yes it does, because if the girlfriend is stressed out she would stress the boy out. :)

What is the function of glycosomes?

Glycosomes provide glucose (sugar) during periods of muscle cell activity

What are some awkward questions to ask you girlfriend?

Why would you want do ask your girlfriend awkward questions? About Periods, Have they ever done this..? Have They ever thought this..? Who was the last person they ..?

What are the 4 geological time eras?

eras, ecochs, ages and periods. i just learned about it in science class like yesterday. from, tutor miles

Is it possible to start your period at 2 years?

No. Girls usually have their periods at ages 9-14. Im 11 and I just had mine yesterday.

Your girlfriend had missed her periods by 3days she usually gets her periods on 28th of month?

She may be preggers or it could just be a scare, but you may want to play it safe and by a pregencey test.

Is bowling a strenuous activity?

No, it's a mild activity, because you have periods of resting along the game. Moreover, it's also a social meeting, where you can have a talk with your friends, in a pleasant environment.

Do black widows sleep day or night?

spiders dont really sleep at all, they have periods of less activity.

The satellite designed to study the output of energy from the sun during periods of high sunspot activity was?

Solar Max

Viruses that causes infection resulting in alternating periods of activity with symptoms and inactivity without symptoms are called?