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Call a large animal vet immediately.

This could be a sign of almost anything - gestational pyometritis, a miscarriage, trauma. Any of these conditions could be fatal. You need to call the vet immediately. It doesn't matter if it's his off day. Ring NOW.

Bleeding could be as simple as a varicosed vein that has ruptured in the vagina due to pressure...but, of course a call to the vet is very well worth it to insure the best possible outcome for your mare.

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Female horse pregnancy?

Not knowing what you need to know. A horse is pregnant for about 11 months. There has yet to be a male horse pregnancy.

How do you know if you're bleeding from your period or pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you should not be bleeding at all, apart from minor spotting. If you are bleeding, and you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor.

Haven't had a period for 5 months started bleeding today but i feel movement in my belly?

have you seen, I didn't know I was pregnant? They all seem to have bleeding throughout. Go to the doctor now.

How can you tell if your Miniature horse is pregnant?

It will be several months before her abdomen starts to expand, so if you want to know as soon as is practical, call the vet about forty-five days after service. They can tell you if the horse is pregnant or not.

How do you know if your howrse is pregnant or not on howrse?

Look under the reproduction tab and click on Information. It will say the amount of months your horse has been pregnant for and there will be a tab to the stallion's page. Your foal will be born when the gestation is at 12 months.

How do you know you are pregnant when bleeding after 5 days late?

You must see your doctor. There shouldn't be bleeding.

How do you know if you are still pregnant after bleeding?

If you are pregnant and experience vaginal bleeding, you must go to A&E or to your DR immediately. A blood test and ultrasound scan will be performed to see if your still pregnant.

How do you know when a mare is pregnant?

Bring the mare to a vet, or ask a horse breeder Answer Around 5 months after she got pregnant, she will start to get bigger, and on a fit horse you can feel the fetus move inside her. A few months after that, her milk bags will fill up and wax up soon before the foal is born. To be sure, bring the mare to a vet, or ask a horse breeder

How do you know if your horse is pregnant with a mule?

If you know for a fact that your horse was bred to a donkey she can be pregnant with nothing but a mule. If you don't know what animal bred your mare you may have to wait until the foal is born to see if it's horse or mule.

What happens if you use a tampon during bleeding in miscarriage if you didn't know you were pregnant?

There are no ill effects from using a tampon for bleeding from miscarriage, whether or not you knew you were pregnant. You can use tampons or pads for this bleeding. If bleeding is extremely heavy, pads may be easier.

Am 6 months pregnant would like to know when you got pregnant?

One would think 6 months ago

How do you know your pregnant without a test?

you stop bleeding or you bleed a tiny bit

How do you know if you misscarried if you dont know your pregnant?

You don't.A miscarriage is diagnosed when a pregnant woman has bleeding and cramping. Checking the levels of HCG (the pregnancy hormone) and seeing it decline rather than rise is evidence that the bleeding is a miscarriage.But if the woman has bleeding but never has a pregnancy test then ther eis no way to know if it is a miscarriage.

Can i still be pregnant if i had spotting and a burst of heavy bleeding?

yes maybe some women have periods while pregnant. I had Implantation bleeding which was a spot of blood 2 weeks later got my period don't know if I'm pregnant or not.

How many months do you have to be to know your pregnant?

Symptoms of an early pregnancy

Bleeding lightly and not on period?

Well, i know that if a girl is pregnant and she's "bleeding lightly" it's called spotting. There is nothing wrong when it happens.

Do light Bleeding means I'm pregnant?

Bleeding, light or otherwise, does not necessarily mean you are or are not pregnant. Bleeding in between monthly periods can mean many things.In the early weeks of pregnancy, you cannot know for sure unless you take a pregnancy test.

Is horse blood in medicene?

There is a certain breed of horse whoes blood helps cure snake bites, other than that I know female pregnant horse urine is out in a pill for pregnant women

How many months would you know that you're pregnant?

With in a week of your missed period that you can know that you are pregnant or not. Please consult the doctor for help.

If you think you might be pregnant and your bleeding can you use a tampon?

No, you can't use a tampon if you think you could be pregnant.You should only use tampons when you know your flow pattern, this is because using too high an absorbency increases your risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome. Bleeding during pregnancy is not that common - if you are bleeding while pregnant see your doctor - if it does occur you have no way of knowing how heavy bleeding will be to know what absorbency to use safely.

Is there a way to know whether you're pregnant before missing a period if you've been trying for several months but this month you didn't have any brown spotting which is implantation bleeding?

not every women gets implantation bleeding, it's actually talked about more than it happens

If you don't know your pregnant and you ride a horse will it kill the baby?

No this will not effect your baby .. around 5 months you need to stop riding if you are pregnant until then , for safety you need to wear a vest, a helment, and go slower just in case for your sake

How long does it tack horse to have a babys?

11 months. i know it for a fact.

Could you get a negative pregnancy test if you are having vaginal bleeding but are pregnant?

that's what I wanna know? that's what I wanna know?

How do you finding out how many weeks pregnant you are?

if you have a baby then you know you will be about 9 months.