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My husband wants to sign over his rights how do we go about that?

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in order to do this there needs to be a provable valid reason why you would want to do this, such as another party wanting to adopt, financial hardship, you're not the biological parent, or abuse to name a few. it is always best to have an appointed guardian beforehand so the child has a stable environment.


Get legal help so that it is done right--this is not a casual thing to undertake.

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Can your soon to be ex husband sign over his parental rights just because he wants to and for no reason?

Doing so will not affect his support obligation.

Does both parents have to agree if the father wants to sign his rights over?

That depends on who he wants to sign over his rights to and the particular circumstances. If he wants to sign over his parental rights to his mother, for example, both parents would have to agree and the grandmother would become the legal guardian once the petition for guardianship was approved by the family court. A court would need to approve any "signing over" of parental rights.

What are the Colorado laws on signing over your parental rights?

In Colorado, a parent may not sign over their parental rights unless there is another spouse available and willing to adopt the minor child. This means, if a father wants to sign away his rights to his child that the mother's new husband must be willing to officially adopt the child.

IN Alabama My lawyer wants me to pay for my ex husband to sign over his parental rights shouldn't he have to pay?

No, Because you are taking away all of his rights to yours and his child so he has no decision in the child's life anymore. Therefore, he does not have to pay.

You are divorcing and your husband is keeping the kids He wants you to sign over your parental rightsCan he do this?

He can certainly ask, but you do not have to agree.

Your daughter biological father wants to sign over rights to your fiance?

see link below

How can you get your ex husband to sign over his parental rights?

You can ask your ex-husband to sign over his parental rights, but if he doesn't want to do it, you cannot force him. If he has abandoned his child you may be able to get the court to force him, but make sure it's in the best interest of the child before you do so.

If the father of your baby wants to sign over his rights do you have to let him?

No, mothers have 100% control. Only a mother can give up her rights with interference.

If a parent signs over custody can they get it back later?

No, once you sign over the rights that's it. Now if the person that you signed rights over too wants to give them back to you than, Yes.

If a couple who has been separated for six years and the husband wants a divorce but the wife won't sign the papers what are the husbands rights under Mississippi law?

get a lawer and sue her ! they can make her sign the papers !

How does a mother sign over mothers parental rights to father or to grandmother?

A friend of mine wants to sign over her parental rights to her children to her ex husband and her mother because of all the drama and stress they are putting the children and her through. Does this mean that all child support can be dropped that she is paying and how does she go about it legally as she is in Texas and they are in Kentucky? We really need your help from someone! Thanks Frantic

What if mom marries and moves out of state can the biological father sign over his rights and have the new husband adopt the child?


Can a father sign his rights to a child to his mother?

A father who wants to sign over his parental rights must fill a petition to terminate his parental rights. He must establish just claim, and this does not include reluctance to pay child support.

Can a father just sign his parental rights over?

Any father can sign over their parental rights.

Can a child's mother sign over the fathers rights in missiouri?

No, she can only sign over her own rights.

How does one go about giving up custody to children they adopted My husband adopted his ex wifes 2 oldest boys when they were married and now he wants to sign over all his rights to them.?

not an easy thing to do. see link below

In the state of Maryland what happens if a man wants to sign over his parental rights because he never gets to see the child?

In the state of Maryland what happens if a man wants to sign over his parental right because he never gets to see the child?

If your husband wants to voluntarily repo his truck will you be responsible for any of the debt if you did not co-sign?


Do you have to have full legal custody to sign over rights?

yes you do have to have full legal rights to sign over custody.

Do i have to sign the deed to my house if my ex husband wants me to?

You haven't provided any detail. No, you do not. You may want to speak with an independent attorney who can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

What steps do you take for ex husband to relinquish rights to children so stepfather can adopt?

First and foremost, you have to get your ex-husband to consent to relinquishing his rights. If you're unable to win him over on that front, you can pretty much forget about it. If you're able to, then you have an attorney draft the paperwork, get your ex-husband to sign where he needs to sign, and it'll pretty much be taken of for you from there.

Can a father simply sign over his rights in VA?

No, a father cannot simply sign his rights over. There has to be extreme circumstances for a father to be granted his rights terminated.

You want to sign your parental rights over in Oregon do you still have to pay child support and how do you sign rights over?

see link

If you sign over your parental rights thave to pay child support?

If you sign over your parental rights do you still have to pay childsupport

You want your son father to sign over his rights?

signing over a parents rights