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My husband wants to sign over his rights how do we go about that?

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2011-05-08 03:31:32
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in order to do this there needs to be a provable valid reason why you would want to do this, such as another party wanting to adopt, financial hardship, you're not the biological parent, or abuse to name a few. it is always best to have an appointed guardian beforehand so the child has a stable environment.


Get legal help so that it is done right--this is not a casual thing to undertake.

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That depends on who he wants to sign over his rights to and the particular circumstances. If he wants to sign over his parental rights to his mother, for example, both parents would have to agree and the grandmother would become the legal guardian once the petition for guardianship was approved by the family court. A court would need to approve any "signing over" of parental rights.

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In Colorado, a parent may not sign over their parental rights unless there is another spouse available and willing to adopt the minor child. This means, if a father wants to sign away his rights to his child that the mother's new husband must be willing to officially adopt the child.

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No, Because you are taking away all of his rights to yours and his child so he has no decision in the child's life anymore. Therefore, he does not have to pay.

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