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what you and your family is goin though after your mum died is awful but what your dad is doing is wrong and is abuse i saw this as i was looking for something entirely different and felt i could not ignore the question, my heart wnt out to you. what you must be going through is terrible and an incredible dilema but you must put a stop to this, what is happening is sexual abuse. please seek help from the authorities this cant carry on. i hope you can get the strength to do this, do you have anyone close enough to you to talk to. you may be surprised even if you think theres nobody who will understand there still may be someone who actually but you may not expect them too. but please whatever you do get help. it is not right and you must put a stop to it. im sure you love your dad and this will make it so hard but you have to be strong this cant carry on.

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Q: My mom died and my dad is going crazy What can I do to comfort him?
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