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How did Mikhail Gorbachev feel about his birthmark and what did he do about it?

Mikhail Gorbachev probably did not thoroughly enjoy his birthmark. It's actually a "port-wine stain". He once said that he didn't have it surgically removed so the Soviet people would know that he was more concerned about their well-being then his looks.

What does Jeff hardy look for in a women?

Most likely not someone who is concerned about what he wants in a woman, but more into being with him and being really into him, and having some shared interests.

What were the delegates concerned about regarding independence?

they were concerned about not being able to vote

Can you travel after having your appendix removed?

can i travel overseas after being in the hospital with a perforated appendix. they will take my appendix out in 13 weeks

What is parallelism concerned with?

Parallelism is concerned with balance. It is mainly concerned with consistency and all the parts of something being the same.

Why are blogs being removed from the internet?

They are not being removed! There are more now then ever before.

Would you need to have your fibroids the largest being 7.6cm removed?

Your physician would need to evaluate your fibroids to give recommendations and alternatives for having them removed. This would be part of the diagnosis and treatment plan by your doctor.

What diseases can you get from being intact?

You are no more likely to get any disease from being intact then from having a penis that has been mutilated by having the pupice removed. Check with the AMA or the college of pediatricians for agreement on this. especially those of countries out side of the US where there is no vested interest.

Do goldfish have birthmarks?

A 'birthmark' is something that happens to a baby as it is being born. Goldfishare not born. They are hatched from eggs. They can therefore not have birthmarks.

Why is giles concerned about his wife in The Crucible?

Giles is concerned that his wife's reading is indicative of her being a witch.

Why won't a yorkie eat?

sometimes it would be because of it being constipated or having to throw up it is not a situation that you should be very concerned about but always make sure they are not dehydrated!!!

How did Larry linville die?

complications from having part of a lung removed and a tumour being found under his sternum, eventual cause of death pheumonia

Can you get braces having wisdom teeth?

Yes you can get braces having wisdom teeth, and the wisdom teeth will not get brackets put on them but it is best to get the wisdom teeth removed with in at least the first year of having your braces to avoid your teeth not being able to shift correctly

When were the Ten Commandments removed from schools?

They are still being removed and still being upheld. See Giles County Schools.

What does being removed mean?

Once removed means that there is an additional generation in there somewhere. Your cousin might mean your aunt's or uncle's son or daughter. Your cousin, once removed, might mean your aunt's or uncle's granddaughter/grandson.Removed cousin is when you and your 1st cousin same the same generation. The word remove is when having a differences the two generation.

What are the chances of getting left tube removed do to an ectopic and being told that you are having another ectopic on the same side that tube was removed?

Ectopic means outside of the uterus. There is most likely some scarring where the tube was removed and unfortunately the fertilized egg implanted in this area, rather than the uterus.

Why does having tattoo being removed hurt so much?

Because the ink must be removed from you skin, which in a sense has had ink injected into it to dye it. The process isn't simple because it must take out all of the color and ink engraved into your body.

What is the scar on Drew Brees face?

Actualllly, i used to be in Drew Brees class as a kid. I "accidently" shoved him for being weird and he cut himslef on a chur and now he be cut #Nickie JR out #i be too smart #i didn't mean to shove him #im sorry Drew #there ya go

Is it possible to be pregnant after a hysterectomy and uterus being removed and husband had a vasectomy?

Is it possible to fall pregnant after a hysterectomy and uterus being removed ?

What were Corvairs?

A Chevrolet car produced in the 60's that had a rear air cooled engine. Ralph Nader became famous for having it removed from the market as being dangerous.

What is the social commentary being made in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest?

It comments on the hostality and insane nature of Native Americans after having been removed from their homelands.

What is the difference between impeachment and removal?

An individual being impeached is not necessarily being removed from their position, they are being put on trial. Being removed is what would happen in the event that they are incriminated, and kicked out of their position.

Why should you be concerned about the animals?

You should be concerned about animals bacause many animals all over the world are being mistreated.

Why and when would thyriod gland be removed?

The thyroid gland would be removed if it is cancerous. It would be removed shortly after being diagnosed.

How many rides have been removed?

At least 100. There are rides still being removed in some amusement parks. At least 100. There are rides still being removed in some amusement parks.