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they couldve got out or i couldve eaten them. either way stinks for u!

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My rabbit had 2 babies 3 weeks ago I am going to be leaving for 2 weeks shortly and I have someone to look after the babies but I was wondering if it would be ok for her to touch them at this point?

yes it would but she shouldn't to much. She should also make sure that the babies are near there mother.

Can babies get Shingles?

The doctor thinks my great-hephew has shingles. He had mild chicken pox 6 weeks ago.

How do you use the word corpse in a sentence?

Example sentence - The detectives were sure the corpse was the man who had been reported missing weeks ago.

What date was 14 weeks ago?

When was 24 weeks ago

When can you clean your female rabbit out she had 7 kits 4 days ago?

they have to be at about 6 weeks old otherwise her nest which keeps them warm is destrooyes once there eyes are open and there walking you can which can be from 3 weeks +

Your female rabbit bred like 1 to 2 weeks ago and im not sure if she conceived but today you saw in her cage her fur all over the corner of it does this mean she is pregnant?

Hi there, Yes if you have breed her about two weeks ago then you will probably expect to have baby bunnies in about two weeks time if she doesn't miscarry.

What was the date three weeks ago?

the date three weeks ago was September 31st

What was the date 13 weeks ago this date?

calendar date 13 weeks ago

If you were 24 weeks pregnant when did you get pregnant?

24 weeks ago. 24 weeks, or or 5 1/2 months ago.

Where are the batman items for millsberry last weeks and two weeks ago?

Two weeks ago it was peobody park and the furniture store

What day was eight weeks ago?

The day eight weeks ago was the same as what day it is today, except eight weeks earlier.

Your mouse had babies three weeks ago and your baby mice were still dependent on her now she is dead what should you do?

Feed them, take care of them, whatever keeps them alive.

What age do babies forward roll?

Not sure of the average age of when they are supposed to do this by themselves but my daughter started doing them 3 weeks ago and she is now 23 months.

You are 20 weeks when did you get pregnant?

20 weeks ago.

What if your rabbit is 3 months pregnant?

A rabbits gestation period is 30 days. If you hava a doe you bred 3 months ago and she still hasn't had her babies she was never bred in the first place!!!!

What day was it ten weeks ago?

The day of the week 10 weeks ago was the same day of the week that it is today.

What is 3 weeks ago in French perfect tense?

Three weeks ago - Il y a trois semaines

What day was it 38 weeks ago?

This question was asked on a Saturday and exactly 38 weeks ago it was also a Saturday.

What day was it 11 weeks ago?

This question was asked on a Friday and exactly 11 weeks ago it was also a Friday.

If you are 3 weeks pregnant when did you conceive?

Three weeks ago.

When did you get pregnant if you are 13 weeks?

...13 weeks ago maybe?

You are 36 weeks pregnant when did you get pregnant?

36 weeks ago.

If you are 10 weeks pregnant does that mean that you got pregnant 10 weeks ago?

No it means you got pregnant about 8 weeks ago. pregnancy is counted from 2 weeks before conception.

Can you get pregnant after you have a baby 6 weeks ago?

It's been known to happen. Yes, you most certainly can. Babies born less than a year apart are commonly known as Irish twins. Well I didn't know that, the 'Irish twins' thing. Have known lots of women who are pregnant at the post-natal check at 6 weeks. The closest I have ever known was a woman whose babies were 35 weeks apart. She got pregnant 3 weeks after having her baby and had a placenta previa which meant she needed a C-section at 32 weeks. this is a hazard of having babies too close together.

My rabbit is pregnant she made a bed 2 weeks ago an still no babys the past 2 days she wont let me near here an she been grunting a lot is this a sign of being in labor?

If your rabbit made a nest 2 weeks ago and hasn't had babies yet, she isn't going to. Grunting is probably a sign that she is ready to breed and don't be surprised if she is pretty aggressive. You should breed your doe, count out 30 days on your calendar - that is the day she is due- count 27 days within the 30- that is the day you put a nest box in with her so she has time to build a nest before the babies get there. She should not have a nest box all the time. Be sure you put the nest box in a corner of her cage that IS NOT her potty corner. If you do she will use it for a potty (like a cat litter box).

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