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Remove radio and either replace or have serviced at repair shop

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What is a sentence for the word summit?

The summit of sky scraper is a antenna.Fixing: a antenna to an antenna, add an n after a.

How can a technician verify the cause of a problem?

By fixing the problem!

How do you blame someone?

No need. You should be working on fixing the problem instead of fixing the blame.

Why does your fuse box spark?

An electrical problem that needs fixing

Why does your 1991 Cadillac drain batteries over night?

Either something is stuck on like interior lights or there is a short inside the battery. Have the battery checked Just wanted to add my experience. If no lights are left on, that you can see, then check the light in the glove box. My light stayed on and it took me a month before I figured it out because you can't see it when the door is closed. Instead of fixing the switch I just took out the bulb. In my 1986 Cadillac DeVille I had a problem where my electric antenna was stuck, and the motor would run all night trying to lower the antenna. That would drain the battery. Once I noticed the hum of the antenna motor, I figured it out and removed the fuse for the antenna motor. Still trying to find a replacement part...

Who was the greek god or goddess of fixing problems?

It depends on the problem that needs to be fixed, and what it was.

How is the problem of weightlessness solved by scientist?

Fixing down all object to the spacecraft..

How to turn off service engine light in 1999 lincolns?

By fixing the problem that illuminated it. Get the codes read and fix the problem from there.

What does property management work entail?

"Property Management work would include that the Property Manager take care of all problems on the property, either by fixing the problem themselves, like a leaking pipe, or they would call and oversee a repair man fix the problem."

Why do studios evacuate the building when they can't fix a technical problem?

Due to the technical problem fixing purposes we vacate our studio building.

What is the difference between exercises and problems?

excise is something you do. a problem is something that needs fixing.

What to do if given a fix it ticket for tinted windows?

Fixing the problem would seem to be reasonable.

Why does your YoVille always freeze when you clicked on a buddy to Join Live?

They are fixing the problem as we speak.

How do you reset the abs warning light on a 2002 Mack freedom?

By fixing the problem which is causing the light.

What does it mean when webkinz world is closed do to maitnance?

they are fixing a problem, updating the site, or just checking on how it is

Why do you fix the smear?

you can fix a smear by either heat fixing or chemical fixing.heat fixing preserves the morphological characteristic of the cell while chemical fixing preserves the subcellular characteristics of a cell though it can destroy the enzymatic n protenious contents of such cell.

Your Facebook is down says there fixing the problem is there a problem in Oregon?

yes few days before facebook server is down and i am not able to login on facebook.

Average salary for a mechanic?

depends on which positon are you on either you are fixing ball bearings in a cycle or in a plane

Why is Photorespiration problem in plants?

It causes the Calvin cycle to run without fixing carbon, wasting energy.

How do you fix problems with android?

Fixing problem over Android is depending upon the kind of problem you are encountering, like if your device isn't powering up then it may have Hardware as well as Software problem.

How do I repair my car by myself?

To repair your car you need find out what problems is the car having. After you find the problem you can go to AutoZone and buy the things that needs fixing in the car and you can either ask a mechanic or you could just follow the instructions in the manual

What would you be doing if you were curling?

Either fixing your hair or sliding granite stones across the ice towards a target.

What is the purpose of Remote Desktop Connection?

Using Remote Desktop Connection you do not have to be at that computer to work in it. You can use this for fixing problem or help to someone to fix a problem, because you can see what they are doing.

Brake lights dont work?

usually depends on the type of vehicle that you are driving. if it is equiped with a third light and it works then it will either be the rear bulb assembly or the problem is under the dash board in the wiring. please check these and get back to me and i will walk you thru the process of fixing them

What are the different ways of fixing the bacteria?

the different types of fixing the bacteria is through: heat fixing nitrogen-fixing...