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My son bought a 1992 Lincoln continetal the owner told him it run great well before he got it home it dyed it needed a new battery and a radiator we ordered a new radiator the owner told my son that his skills as a buyer needed improvement. Caveat emptor.


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A radiator for a 1982 YZ80 can be purchased from your local auto parts store. It can also be purchased from a junk yard or ordered from the dealership.

Yes, it's safe I ordered a PSP battery from there

After McDowell's failure at the First Battle of Bull Run, George McClellan was ordered to lead he Union army in the east. This was order was given by Lincoln.

After the liberation of the Mississippi, Grant was ordered East, to rescue the Army of the Cumberland from starvation at Chattanooga.

Lincoln ordered the blockade of all Confederate seaports in April 1861.

Lincoln had ordered supplies sent to the fort.

321 battery I couldn't find it anywhere, I ordered off Ebay. Free shipping. I think 3.97 for 5 batteries.

President Lincoln ordered General Ulysses S. Grantand his army to capture Vicksburg.

There are many different kinds of rechargeable battery packs for different electronics and appliances. I know they can either be purchased at most local stores or ordered online.

lincoln ordered the union to attack the secessionist forces in maryland

A LIPO Battery Charger is the name brand of a form of lithium battery charging devices. These can be ordered off of the web, at such places like, or can be purchased at any retailer that sells similar instruments.

Radiator cabinets can be ordered online for home or store delivery at Lowes and Home Depot. They can also be found on Amazon as well as Fichman, Apartment Therapy and direct from some manufacturers such as Monarch and ARSCO.

Mine were ordered through my local Napa Auto Center

That really isn't a specific question, it could be one of a few problems, the battery you orderd could be DOA -"dead on arrival", and you may have to send in for a replacement. make sure you've ordered the specific battery from the laptop's manufacturer.

After the surrender of Fort Sumter to the Confederates, Abraham Lincoln ordered his troops to return to their northern posts. He also sent ships by sea during the firing on Fort Sumter to be ready for a battle with the South.

During the Civil war and after the battle and union win at Antietam, Lincoln ordered the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Proclamation stated "all slaves in the areas of rebellion sha'll be freed".

ordered; I ordered a chocolate milkshake. You ordered a chocolate milkshake. He ordered a chocolate milkshake. We ordered a chocolate milkshake. They ordered a chocolate milkshake.

Lincoln ordered Maryland to go to war (1861-1865) against the South, but instead Maryland seceded from the union and fought for the South.

Union General John C. Fremont declared martial law and ordered the emancipation of slaves in Missouri on August 30, 1861. Abraham Lincoln ordered the emancipation edict rescinded on September 11, 1861.

Grant's first brief was to capture Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. He was ordered there by Henry Halleck.

It wasn't just John Wilkes Booth, many hated Lincoln. In the north, over 20,000 people were imprisoned for advocating secession. No one was notified of their incarceration, they couldn't talk to a lawyer, they simply disappeared off the streets. When the chief justice of the supreme court complained of the massive violation of individual rights, Lincoln ordered him arrested. (The US marshal, Ward Lamon, refused to arrest the chief justice.) The people in the south seceded from the Union, as they had the right to do. They were exercising their right of self determination. Lincoln refused to allow them to withdraw from the Union causing a war with a massive loss of life. This slaughter created a hatred for Lincoln. Lincoln ordered a scorched earth policy where civilian homes, crops and farm animals were destroyed. These people had the right to hate Lincoln. Lincoln was a skilful politician and he could move people with his words, but there was a dark side to this man that is overlooked. John Wilkes Booth believed Lincoln was a mass murderer, a war criminal, and a tyrant.

Aside from calling on Major General George B. McClellan to come to Washington DC, President Lincoln also did the following:* Ordered the intensification of the blockades;* Had General Benjamin Butler train Union troops in and around Fort Monroe;* Ordered the securing of the port of Baltimore;* Reinforcing troops at Harpers Ferry;* End recruiting of volunteers for the initial three month period of service; and* Ordered troops from Cincinnati to take control of East Tennessee.

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