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Q: My sound wont work when i watch movies on vlc media player and all my cords are plugged in what do i do?
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You have your ipod plugged in but it wont let you sync on windows media player?

you can use windows media player for an ipod. you have to use itunes or something that supports ipods.

What program do you burn movies in?

Windows Media Player.

What functions does a classic media player have?

The functions that a classic media player have are to play all kinds of movies, video, television shows as well as other media such as pictures and audio files.

Can you convert the movie files from flixster to watch flixster movies from your laptop on your xbox 360 using windows media player?

If you have an account with UltraViolet Movies it is possible to watch movies from flixster on your Xbox. There is a special Flixster app which has to be downloaded. It is also possible to watch movies with windows media player on your Xbox 360.

How do you make movies with window media player?

Windows Media Player only plays the videos. You can only create/edit video in Windows Movie Maker.

How do you put movies on a gpx?

you've to have a codec fromp media player to gpx

Can you play Quick Time Movies on Windows Media player?

No. You have to convert the video to a format used by the media player. A Quicktime video is an Apple/Mac file. Use Quicktime player to view it or convert it.

How do you play your iTunes movies on windows media player?

The only way to watch iTunes movies on nothing. The best thing to do is get a macintosh.

What is the best free media player software and why?

Real player is voted the number one free media player software. It instantly streams video files and movies. Downloading it can be tricky but read all instructions.

How do you watch movies on realplayer?

RealPlayer is a free media player. To watch movies on RealPlayer, simply right click on a saved movie on your computer and choose to open with RealPalyer. If you are watching a movie from a DVD on your PC, it will automatically load in RealPlayer if you have it set as your default media player.

Why wont your music pop up when you plug in your mp3 player into the computer?

It could be messed up , or you may not have it plugged in . Try going to the Media Player on your computer . You should be able to see your music and so forth that way . If that doesn't work , double check that you have it plugged in correctly .

Where can one get a vlc media player download?

You can directly go on google and put in that, it will download fast and automatically. a Media player will be used to stream videos, watch movies, and to listen to music or audio.

How do you watch movies in your computer?

In order to watch movies in your computer, you should have windows media player installed in your machine, or any other media player, of which VLC media player is the Best, as it can play video of any format. You can just play a DVD or VCD in the optical drive. Most modern computers can play DVD's. If not, they can be upgraded by changing the drive for one that is capable. You can also down load movies to your hard drive and play them from there.

How do you download movies to your sansa e280?

You can download the Sansa Media Converter to put movies successfully on your player. There is a like to it under the "Related Links" below.

How do you watch movies on your desktop?

i dont know exactly, but they should work on window media player with a cd..

How do you charge a 4 GB eclipse media player?

You take the plug that was included and hook it up to one of the ports in your computer. Which ever one it fits in is the one it charges to, you also download songs that way. When it is plugged in your media player will turn on and have a little picture of a PC and a bunch of Z's.

How do you get movies from LimeWire into windows media player?

You type in the movie in the search bar then choose one of the hits. After you click on it and it has finished eventually downloading, it should automatically start playing in windows media player

What does this mean -Ethernet adapter local area connection 3- media State Media disconnected?

The meaning of the error "Ethernet adapter local area connection 3- media state media disconnected" is that the cable is bad or not plugged in all the way to the media device. It is best to check the cable and make sure that it is plugged in.

How do you install movies to your computer?

You dont typically install movies to your computer, you copy them from some form of media or the internet.(newer movies may include a digital copy, i have not used these. call the help line, or read the manual for instructions) Typical extensions are .avi .mkv .mpg, and they can be played through a media player with the proper codecs, or using VLC which plays most digital media.

How do I play m4v on windows media player?

You don't. You download quicktime and play them on there. No, windows media player doesn't support m4v video, but you can convert m4v video to wmv video at first, then windows media player can play it. M4V Converter Genius can convert m4v movies to avi, wmv, mp4, mov, mpeg, vob, flv, 3gp with high quality. Then you can play m4v movies on WMP.

How do i play iTunes on Windows Media Player?

You Can't... You have to put your iTunes on a CD and then Rip the songs onto Windows Media player to play ipod songs. Tune4Win m4v Converter and Tune4Win M4P Converter can help you convert iTunes movies and iTunes musics to Windows Media Player with great quality.

Is there a program that can be used to convert movies slash videos purchased on Itunes into a format recognized by a media player other than Itunes WMV AVI etc?

Yes.Many people are confuse about why it is unable to play iTunes video movies songs on other media player. Because iTunes media are under iTunes DRM protection and it can be play in iTunes only.If you want to play them without iTunes media player, you need to remove DRM protection and convert them to plain WMV AVI or MP3 file formats.

Which media center is the best for watching movies?

The MEMORYKICK 30GB MEDIA CENTER is best for on the go movies.

How do you download movies onto your MP3 or media player?

To download movies onto your MP3 Player you would want to convert your previously downloaded movies that are on your computer into the type of media that your MP3 Player supports. For example, some MP3 Players support ".MOV" and if your movie is not ".MOV' you will want to convert it to that. Some MP3 Players should come with a disc that allows conversions like these to happen with a simple drag and drop function, but if not, you can probably get this software from the internet for free. Just make sure it is legit.

What is an iTues?

I think you mean iTunes. iTunes is a software that allows you to transfer media (music, podcasts, movies, ebooks, etc.) from your computer to your iDevice (iPod, iPhone, or iPad). It also acts as a media player, allowing you to play music files. Comparable software would be Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.