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That is very possible. You will need to pin point the source of the leak then re-post the results for us to help you further.

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2014-04-15 19:27:39
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Q: My truck is leaking antifreeze.
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What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking under a truck?

you got an antifreeze leak

Why does your Chevy truck drip antifreeze after it has been turned off and sitting for a while?

Leaking radiator? Leaking or loose radiator hose?

How do you know if antifreeze is leaking from your refrigerator?

There is no antifreeze in a refrigerator.

How can you tell if antifreeze is leaking into your engine?

Look at the oil on the dipstick. If you have antifreeze leaking into the crankcase the oil will be milky.

How do you stop a antifreeze leak on a 1998 Chevrolet deasel truck?

if it is leaking from the radiator you can crack an egg and put it in the radiator and it will solve your problem

Truck is blowing white smoke and smells like antifreeze?

your truck is likely leaking coolant due to a blown head gasket making white smoke and coolant smell

How do you check if my heater core is leaking?

Antifreeze will be leaking in the floorboard on the passenger side, there will be a smell of antifreeze through the vents.

Why is your antifreeze leaking?

its got a hole in it

94 s10 truck leaking antifreeze from inside of vehicle windows fogging up?

The classic symptoms of a leaking heater core. Replacing the heater core requires removing the complete dash assembly.

98 dodge caravan antifreeze hose leaking?

If the hose is leaking, replace it.

Where is your car leaking antifreeze?

out of the over flow

My 1997 gmc truck is leaking antifreeze from the back part of the motor?

Most likely cause is the intake manifold gasket-antifreeze will usually leak down the back of the engine and drip off of the starter or somewhere in that area.

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