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No I dont Think So,But

Dont Give Your Password Out Ok!

Even If people Tell`You` That Their Gonna Give You A Makeover!!


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โˆ™ 2009-06-05 03:40:55
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Q: My zwinky got hacked have any of you seen annmarie with a number behind it?
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How can you get the password again if your Zwinky account is hacked?

Email Zwinky telling them all your Zwinky info. In about two weeks you'll get your account back.

What to do when someone hacks you on zwinky?

Report it,there is no reason for anyone's account to get hacked.

How do you become a zwinky ZSI?

Creators r working on it~:( im hacked

Someone hacked you on how can you get your password back?

how do i get my password back on zwinky

How do you get hacked zwinky back?

e-mail ur pass and username to zwinky e-mail :P idk their e mail

You got a zwinky room and new stuff they wont get in your roomwhy?

it got hacked

How can i get back my zwinky account if i forgot which city i was born?

Funny thing to forget, ask your parents? i just got hacked on zwinky with zcard :@

Getting a hacked zwinky back?

Cannot by yourself unless you know hack codes yourself. I suggest that you complain to Zwinky themselves on the bottom on the Zwinky page under Feedback. =D

How can you get your hacked zwinky account back?

do not lisan to this woman or grl shes a hacker she hacked my acownt and i ttrusted her D: do trust her plz lisone

If someone hacked your Zwinky account and changed your password what can you do to get it back?

Go to the Zwinky website and contact them with an email or send a support ticket.

I got hacked on zwinky Have any of you seen babyangel00000000019 around zwinky?

I havent but if i do i will email you and ill try and persuade her to give me the password and ill give it to you.

How can you find the password to your hacked zwinky account?

Contact Zwinky. If you can show them that you are the legal owner of the account, they might reset the password and allow you to access the account again.

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