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There is five parts of an apple






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Q: NAME three parts of an apple?
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Mango apple

Name the three parts of the uterus?

three parts are the fundus, body, and the cervix

What are the names of the three parts of the brain?

the brain is made up of three parts. name them.

Name three main parts of the cooker?

The three main parts of an oven are the grill, hob and oven

Why are ratios in three different parts?

Ratios can be in any number of parts. For example, a fruit salad with apple, banana, mango and orange could have a ratio of apple : banana : mango : orange = 2 : 2 : 3 : 1.

What are the parts of an apple?

What plant parts make up an apple

What is the name of the ant's three body parts?

The ant's three body parts are the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

How would you make a 25 percent solution by volume of apple juice?

Take one part pure apple juice and add three parts water.

How many parts are in the human brain?

There are three main parts, and 32 other parts. Name the 32 parts.

Name three computer software companies?

Apple, Microsoft, Linux?

Name three parts of a volcano?

Three parts of a volcano are the base, the flank, and the vent. Some additional parts include the sill, the crater, the summit, and the cone.

What parts of apple are edible?

Edible Hypanthium of the apple is known as Pome

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Three parts you can pass with are your inside of your foot, the outside of your foot and your head

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rohini apple aryabhatta

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Apple, cherry, and pumpkin.

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All the parts of an Apple computer make it work.

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three parts namely:username ,@ sign and domain name

What is it called an apple when you slice it into 800 parts?

Apple Sause

Name three parts of a plant cell that are not found in an animal cell?

Three parts that are not found in the animal cell are large central vacuole, cell wall, and chloroplast.

What is the name of the three parts of the small intestine?

duodenum jejunum ileum

Name three essential parts of a circuit?

having sex with your teacher

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Crater, magma vent, and vent.

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crown, dentin and the cementum.

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Mac. Short for Macintosh.

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Name Three partes of government that regularley rely on advice from economists