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Q: NRA M1903 Rifle Series Springfield Collectors Coin?
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What rifle was used in the American military in 1911?

Springfield M1903.

How much is a national rifle association coin made in 1871 worth m1903 rifle series?

The NRA was founded in 1871, but your coin isn't nearly as old. The M1903 Springfield rifle, as the name suggests, wasn't introduced until 1903. The coin sells for around $2 on eBay.

Did Theodore roosevelt use a gun or bow?

He used a rifle, a M1903 Springfield bolt action 30-06 rifle.

What type of rifle was used on D-Day?

The U.S. used these rifles M1 Garand, M1A1 Carbine, M1903 Springfield

What year was Springfield Armory M1903 serial no 0121328 made?

Your Springfield model 1903 bolt action rifle was made in the year 1905 with the serial number that you have supplied.

What does a Springfield Sniper Rifle look like?

Springfield Sniper Rifle or M1903 Springfield rifle was an American 5-round, magazine fed, bolt action rifle used in the early part of 20th century. It was 1.098 meters long, weighed 3.95 Kgs, had a 16 inch long bayonet and had a wooden body.

What type of Kraig was used by the American sniper in the movie Saving Private Ryan. That rifle had a scope on it. Is it possible to know that rifle type and scope?

The rifle shown is a Springfield M1903. It is chamberd in .30-06(7.62x63).

How was the Spring semi-auto rifle m1903 created?

No such rifle

What type of weapons did d day American soldiers use?

American soldiers used the M1 Garand rifle, the M1 Carbine, the BAR rifle, the Thompson Machine Gun, the Colt M1911 pistol, the M3 'grease gun' and the M1903 Springfield sniper rifle.

Is the Springfield M1903 the same as the M1 Garand?

No. The 1903 is a bolt action rifle with a 5 shot magazine. The M1 Garand is a semi-automatic rifle that uses an 8 round en bloc clip. Two very different rifles.

Who invented the Springfield sniper rifle?

Mr.Springfield did, an American General.Well it depends on what kind of Springfield as the 30-06 Springfield which was used in World War 2 as a sniper in the U.S Army. Springfield Armory invented that kind of Sniper Rifle during World War 2. Another Springfield would be the Springfield m1903 which is used in the ROTC programs acroos America today.Springfield is the name of the Arsenal in SPRINGFIELD MASS. There were many variations designed and made by the arsenal during WW1 and WW2. The last model was the 1903A4, it was manufactured by Remington.

What scope mount goes on a Springfield model 67f and where can you purchase one?

I have a m1903. Had a B-Square aftermarket mount put on mine years ago. Made a great long range deer rifle.

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