N marble walls as white as milk lies a skin as soft as milk inside a fountin crystal clear a golden apple does apper there are no doors though this stronghold yet thieves break in and steel the gold y?

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An Egg

Why is there white stuff floating in milk?

The white stuff floating in milk is bits of fat. There are acouple of reasons why this can happen: - Poor homogenisation leads to flocculation (bits of fat clumpingtogether and floating) - Spoilage of milk (lowered pH breaks some protein bonds leading tolumps of fat) Flocculation can happen easily ( Full Answer )

Can milk whiten your skin?

Milk has an ingredient called Lactic Acid - helps to smoothand exfoliate skin. 50 B. C. Egyptians -Cleopatra had her slavesfill her tub with milk for her to soak in to soothe and soften herskin IT depends on how much you drink. Milk moisturizes and not necessarily lighten skin. Skin lighteningpr ( Full Answer )

Why is milk white?

Although many of the substances in milk appear white when dry, noneof them are actually white. Even titanium dioxide, one of the best"white" pigments, isn't white; it's clear. It appears white for thesame reason snow appears white. Both scatter the entire visiblelight spectrum evenly. Further, white ( Full Answer )

How are baked potatoes cooked so that the skin is hard and yet the inside is soft?

Answer . Errr...they're baked! 180C for 90-120 minutes, skewer to see if it's soft inside. . Actually... . That will soften the inside but not harden the outside. Rub them first with olive oil to get the crunchy skin, start the oven higher (220C?) and then turn it down to 180 when the skin ( Full Answer )

What is skin milk?

The term is SKIM milk. The cream (butterfat) was skimmed from the milk, leaving very little fat behind.

Does milk help your skin?

Yes, it helps GREATLY! Hmm, here are a couple of how it does: 1.) If you have dark circles under your eye the darkness will reduce over time> 2.)The lactic acid in milk is a good bacteria which is helpful to the skin 3.)Makes face-skin smoother 4.)Helps brighten sking Also, I hear milk WITH ho ( Full Answer )

Does milk make your teeth white?

Yes it does over time but it does not necessarily make your teeth strong it may even wee ken them

Does milk make your skin fairer?

Hi everyone, Milk can make ur skin more glowing. If u add rice powder and milk u can get ur skin lightened andbrightened within weeks By adding milk and turmeric powder , u can make ur skin clean,beautiful and glowing. 1.... 1 Tbsp of rice powder and 2 Tbsp of milk 2.... 1 teaspoon of turmeric powd ( Full Answer )

How do you break though walls in picmin?

you have to have a yellow picmin and they pick up bombs and you throw the yellow picmin at the wall and you keep doing that until the wall is gone. . but some walls your picmins can break through all you have to do is walk up to it or throw your pic min at it. . hope i helped . i love picmin. xx

My baby can drink milk based formula but when given regular milk she breaks out in hives where it touched the skin what is in liquid milk that is not in powder milk?

You have your infant checked for a condition known as 'Lactose Intolerant;. You are describing a symptom of lactose intolerance. Cheeses (or any other standard dairy product) would produce the same results if this is the case.. A lot of people are intolerant of lactose, casein and casomorphins fou ( Full Answer )

Does milk stop apples from browning?

Milk does stop apples from browning. You will have to soak theapples in the milk for several minutes. You can also use lemon tostop fruit from browning.

What is the skin on milk when it is boiled?

It is proteins from the milk that have become "sticky" from being heated and bond together to form a thin layer of protein on top of the milk. Apparently keeping the milk below 158 degrees Fahrenheit and using a lid can prevent this film from forming.

Is goat milk good for skin?

Yes, goat milk soap is great for your skin! Most any homemade and handcrafted soap is good for your skin, but when goat milk is added to the ingredient mix, then you have got a really special soap. Goat milk soap: 1. Helps repair dry and cracked skin. 2. Will help rid your skin of dead skin ( Full Answer )

What is casein and how does it make milk white?

Casein is a protein that contains calcium. Casein, like all proteins, is clear when dissolved in water. Calcium is also clear. All of the other substances in milk are also clear when dissolved in water. That includes the fats, sugars, salts, and proteins. So, why is milk white. It's white for the s ( Full Answer )

Is milk made from the inside of a pimple?

No, milk does not come from the inside of a pimple. The inside of a pimple is made of pus. It is made of a mixture of body fluid, white blood cells, and bacteria. It is a bacterial infection.

Why milk of bafflo is white?

The color of buffalo milk is white due to the presence of carotene.This gives the milk its creamish/yellow color.

Does milk make your skin softer?

Source: My experience!!! I think its yes but just milk is uncertain. What i did was a dairy (preferably natural) yogurt and massaged a little on my face. Then I thickened a mask (no massaging) on top and leave 15-30 (I had to stop at 15 for personal reasons) and rinsed it off. -I smelt of banana an ( Full Answer )

How do cows get milk inside them?

Cows produce milk through cells and glands located in their udder that secrete the fluid called milk.

What does white milk taste like?

It's hard to explain without trying it yourself. It's slightly thick (depending on the percentage of fat) and creamy. It's also slightly sweet. Not sugar sweet, but it's own kind of sweet.

What is healthier milk or white chocolate?

it depends... they both are made out of milk but sometimes they add chocolate powder in the white chocolate so it not that healthier but milk gives u calcium!

Can milk whiten skin when put on skin?

Cleopatra used to bathe in milk :). Milk wouldn't reallybe an effective skin whitener. You can use potatoes, lemons, andmint to whiten your skin though. Click on the link below to findout how you can whiten your skin at home. . +++ Quite simply... NO. Skin colour is from melanin, a pigment produc ( Full Answer )

What is the nutritional value of white milk?

Milk comes in many varieties. Some are higher in fat that others. Milk provide little to know sodium, fiber, or carbohydrates. It does provide a lot of calcium, though.

Does white milk have hormones in it?

i don't know it is actually an ever challenging question. i tried to search the answer, but it hasn't been answered yet, so i took it upon myself to reflect on the last minute. this question has been answered by supa dee hit me up on yahoo at :supadee@ymial.com or friend me on myspace: supa dee96 ( Full Answer )

How do you get moo moo milk in Pokemon Crystal?

You go to the Dairy Farm north of Olivine City and give the sick Miltank a ton of berries. Probably 7-8 berries, but i don't remember exactly. Then the farmer gives you one moo moo milk. i'm trying to figure out how to get more.

Why milk colour is white?

Because the milk contains proteins called casein. . Milk is white because it contains calcium phosphate. Other substances such as lactose are also white, or casein, mostly because it is bound to calcium phosphate ions, but they are present in milk in much smaller quantity compared to calcium.

What is a milk door?

I think it used to be a little door like a dog door that the milkman could put your bottles of milk in. Nowadays, it can also refer to little door that cuts through the big door on a refrigerator and the door allows you to take out and replace a few things, such as milk, without opening the larger d ( Full Answer )

Why do milk teeth break?

Because there is a battery a kind of bacteria in milk which harms teeth that,s why milk is harmful for teeth but by brushing your teeth there no kind of danger remains

Why use milk in white sauce?

Well, white sauces are by their very definition milk or milk product based sauces, rather than broth, stock, or say tomato based sauces. Brown gravy or au jus are by definition based on beef broth, beef stock or beef demiglace, whereas country gravy is a milk based gravy, generally served with pork ( Full Answer )

Do breasts have milk inside?

Not until a female is pregnant. During the last part of pregnancy, milk begins to form. But, the milk does not "come down" (ready for an infant) until after delivery.

Why is buffalo milk white in color?

Buffalo milk contains more fat content than cow milk. Similarly, Buffalo have an ability to convert carotene in to vitamin A, as compare to cow milk.

What is inside milk?

Milk is a dairy product it has nutrients calcium vitamins in it milk is very nutricous

Why is buffalo milk white?

It's milk of a mammal, it's all nearly white , no matter what the mammal is. Humans, cats , buffalo etc.

How many calories in white milk?

I depends on if it's 1% 2% Vitamin D milk, or fat free. Fat free milk is 80 cal. per 8 oz glass.

What cause skin formation to milk?

When milk gets warm, some of the water evaporates. The "skin" is milk from which most of the water has evaporated.

What is white revolution or milk revolution?

White revolution means huge increase in milk production and it becomes possible by using new, improved breeds of cattle and buffalo, giving them better feed and care. And father of white revolution is Dr. V Kurien .

Can hamsters drink white milk?

It probably depends on what kind of hamster it is but my hamster can drink white milk sooo idk if ur hamster would be able to drink white milk because idk what kind of hamster you have... if i knew what kind of hamster you have then i would probably of had a better answer than this and i could tell ( Full Answer )

Is drinking milk good for your skin?

Drinking milk doesn't help your skin, but if you put an ice cube in a washcloth and dip it in a small amount of milk and rub it under your eyes, your under eye bags will be temperarily gone.

Can you drink apple juice after milk?

I've done it before and never had an issue! Now some people do have issues with stomach sensitivity when drinking apple juice after milk due to the acid mixing in with the milk.

What make the milk white?

what makes milk white are you stupid why would you ask that this people are crazy

Can you give your kittens skin milk?

If it is very young and is still nursing then PLEASE DONT DO IT. The kittens will want to drink that instead and stop nursing from their mother, therefore dying from lackof nutrients. If the mother is dead, then buy a substitute. If the kittens have stopped nursing, I still wouldn't let them drink i ( Full Answer )