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Here are 3 birds that cannot fly: Ostrich, dodo (they used to live so it might not count as an answer) chicken and a kiwi.

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What are the 3 birds that connot fly?

Emus, ostriches, and kiwis are three birds that cannot fly.

What are 3 type of birds that cannot fly?

Five I can think of are, penguin, ostrich, emu, rhea, flightless cormorant.

Name 3 birds that do not fly?

Penguins, Ostridge, Emu. And Dodo, but they're extinct.

Halo 3 can you fly PHANTOMS?

no, you cannot

Why are birds unique?

1.Its bones are hollow and extremely lightweight allowing it to fly. 2.and such birds are very beautiful like peacock and parrot can fly

What are 3 adaptations that enable birds to fly?

hollow bonesfeathersmuscular chests

What is a dodo birds body structure?

they are 3 feet weighs 44lb cant fly

How do you super poop on fly like a birds 3?

just download cheat engine

How do you get jets on Grand Theft Auto 3?

You cannot fly a jet on GTA 3.

What are five characteristic of birds '?

1 All birds have wings but they do not fly because of their body weight 2 Most flying birds are having hollow and lightweight bones. 3 Flying birds have streamlined bodies. 4 flying birds have strong chest muscles which help them to fly. 5 Birds capable of flying have strong wings

3 birds name which ends with tar like kabutar and teetar?

3 BIRDS name which ends with tar like kabutar & teetar

Who are 3 other birds that ave wings but cant fly?

Roosters, Chickens, Penguins, Ostrich.

How do you compare 3 thirds to a clock?

they all are flying things time flys and birds fly

What 3 three characteristics distinguish birds from other animals?

wings, beaks, the ability to fly.

Why can bees fly when some birds can't?

Because:1. They evolved that way2. Some birds have no need for flight3. Bees have wings

What are 3 main features of a birds body that allows it to fly?

Its wings, its light, fragile skeleton, and its feathers

What is the difference between a cricket and fly?

1. a cricket makes a different sound than a fly 2.a cricket is bigger and taller than a fly 3.a cricket cannot or can't fly like a fly

What birds are going to be in fly like a bird 4?

Usally they say its coming today on Tuesday aguest 7 but really its going to take along time so we didnt know what birds there are the only birds i know there are crane and barn owl ( diffrent barn owl then fly like a bird 3) (flab 3) so the answer is i have no idea.

What are the Name of 3 letter birds?

Owl Tit (no, really)

How do you find a helicopter in Grand Theft Auto 3?

The helicopter in GTA 3 is at the airport, but you cannot fly it. However, you can fly the Dodo plane, which takes a little bit of getting used to but is still quite fun to fly

Name 3 characters that a file name cannot contain?

/ \ : * ? "> < |

Is there an animal that can fly and live on land and water?

Yes - many birds can, geese are especially well adapted to do all 3.

Are there any bird simulation games?

Fly Like a Bird 1,2, and 3. Three is the best, for you can be many different birds.

When do chickens start to fly?

chickens cannot fly well they can a bit but only for very short while I'm talking like 3 secs.

How can you be a no name on fly like a bird 3?

After the changes, you can't be a no name anymore. Sorry.