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plants trees

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Q: Name 3 primary producers found in a forest?
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Name 2 primary producers found in your food web?

especially a person or organism

What are some primary producers?

Primary producers are plants that photosynthesize. So any plant you can name is a primary producer eg wheat, corn, grass, vegetables, trees, etc

What are the advantages and disadvatages of the primary sector?

Selling in the primary market places produces in direct contact with retailers looking for their product. In a primary market, producers can name their price.

Can you name some of the producers that live in the tropical rain forest?

-giant rainforest leaf -rainforest plants

What consumer eats producers?

Chickens, cows, goats, goldfish, and ducks, to name a few. But you might be looking for primary consumer, a consumer that only eats producers.

Why does ear holes smell?

name two countrieswhere tropical forest can be found and two countries where temperate forest can be found

Where is deforestation found?

in the forest, hence the name deforestation

Name the organism that is the source of all food in an ecosystem?

Primary producers are the organism that is the source of all food in an ecosystem.

Name the plants found in English Forest?

connifers ferns

Name primary producers of a shoreline?

pepperwort, water cress, buckbean, rush, mudwort, sedge, duck potatoes. these are all plants.

Can you name all the producers that live in the rain forest?

sun,flowers, grass, and don't forget the wonderful trees that give us oxygen.

What does the name dororo mean?

Dororo is a Japanese name meaning "forest".If you are a fan of Keroro Gunso, take note that Dororo is found in Dororo Forest. Meaning Dororo Dororo, meaning Forest Forest. Hilarious , right?

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