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Name 3 things that are grown or raised in texax?

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Cattle,horses,and me

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Can you name Three things made or grown in Nebraska?

Soy beans and Corn are grown there and Vise-Grip tools are manufactured in De Witt.

Foods grown without pesticides are called?

I do not think there is a name for food grown without pesticide. There is a name for foods grown with pesticides (normally infers chemical pesticide) and there is also a name for foods grown with organic pesticides. But these are two completely different animals.

Can you name some trees grown in grassland?

trees that are grown in the grassland biome

Name three common crops grown on Indian plantations?

Name three common crops grown on indian plantations.

Name crops grown in clayey soil in India?

rice is best grown in clayey soil

What are four plants and animals raised on Utah's farms?

name four plants raised on farms in Utah

How did madascar get its name?

it got its name by a piece of plant called madagsascar .it was grown there

Name the important millets grown in India?

jawar, bajra and ragi are d major millets grown in INDIA .

What is the name of a half grown male turkey?

idk i think a jake when they are fully grown i think they are called toms

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