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prithvi, agni, brahmos,akash,nag,trishul

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Q: Name 5 missiles made by apj Abdul kalam?
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How many missile made by APJ Abdul kalam?

5 missiles were made by APG abdul KAlam Azad

Name the scientist who made Agni misil of India?

Dr. Abdul Kalam

What work did apj Abdul kalam did as a scientist?

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam made a nuclear weapon (missile) which was named as Agni

What Discoveries were made by Dr Abdul Kalam?

the contribution in nuclear physics for the development of missle

Is Abdul kalam's mother a Hindu?

Why are people bothered so much about his mother and father . They were great human who gave good values to kalam, who made India proud. Jai hind

A P J Abdul Kalam all images?

one of the slogen by apj abdul kalam is strength respect strength

Why he is called missile man of India?

A.P.J. Abdul kalam made first missile for india. The missile known as 'AGNI'.

Where were missiles made?


What according to Prof Kalam made this incredible journey possible?


How are missiles used in the military?

Missiles are used for a wide variety of military purposes. They are known to be used to destroy weapons collections and hideouts. New technology has made missiles amazingly accurate.

How did American president john k Kennedy get Castro to remove soviet missiles pointed at the us?

He made a deal with the Russians, who supplied missiles to Cuba. The deal was that if the Russians took the missiles out of Cuba, the USA would take their missiles out of Turkey. Both sides made concessions in order to save face and avert WWIII.

Doctor Abdul qadir Khan?

doctor Abdul qadeer khan is the person who made Pakistan an atomic power