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cap guns, cowboy hat, chaps, pony rides, Toy Story, take him/her to a farm


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You can give him a cowboy hat, a wooden horse, and or a complete cowboy outfit.

A cowboy hat, a fake gun, if they're mature enough a b-b gun.

Cowboy hat, cowboy Boot's, gun,rope,guiter,horse.

1. Cowboy Boots 2. Cowboy Hat 3. Toy Gun 4. Horse 5. rope 6. guitar

the special gift sould be to be born for rideing horses and cows for girls is its the same

It is Juliet, but she does not want Romeo to give up his name. She wants him to "forget" his name so that she could love him.

If it were a doll, solider or a cowboy name it after you if you are a girl or a boy of course, the girl could name the doll, boy could name the solider and both could name the cowboy/girl.

The perfect gift for you mom is something that is related to her special interests or something she has said she really wants.

Plan a surprise party and give him some gift that he wants.

He gives the the gift to Odysseus because he is the cousin of Poseidon and he is mad at him for some reason and he wants to show of that he is better than him!

Mastercard is a great gift to give as a graduation present. Yes it is a good idea to give your sister a master card because this way she can purchase what she wants of her own choice.

If you are a valuable worker, and your boss wants you to stay, they will give you a gift out of desperation probably.

Here are several gift idea to give a boy you don't know well: Buy gift certificates to the movie theater. If he likes sports then give him a gift certificate for a store he may shop at. If he is into computers then get him a gift certificate to a computer store. It is wiser to give gift certificates (whatever you can afford) and let him pick out what he wants.

You can give them anything but silver!

If she likes shopping you could get her a gift card to her favorite store or you could give her money or something she really wants or what she likes

Give her a gift card to Amazon. She can get on and order what she wants right to her house, it will make her feel important, and she can pick out her gift.

Any money you give your ex that is not court ordered is considered a gift.

You can give a gift to anyone you like. It doesn't obligate them, or you, to anything, it's just a gift. There's nothing magical about it.

brush shampoo conditioner

To give a gift you need to be on level 3 or higher! And to give a gift you click on the player you want to gift go to the 2nd page on their MINI profile , and click give gift. Then select the gift you want to give them and ENJOY!

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