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Name a hobby you wouldn't want your partner to spend all day every day doing?


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Watching TV, golfing, playing Video Games, fishing, gambling

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yes it is a hobby because you like doing

I believe she had a hobby of flying. She seemed to love doing this and even died doing it. Yea, flying was probably her hobby.

Hobby Lobby pays every two weeks.

Yes, sewing is a hobby. A hobby is anything that people enjoy doing in their spare time. This includes crafts, collecting, musical instruments, etc.

There is a lot of good things about a hobby, but bad things are you get addicted and you can spend a lot of money on what every your hobby is.

A hobby is a pass time which you enjoy doing, So if playing playstation is a pass time which you enjoy, then yes.

Hobby was invented from the birth of people. Even trillions of years ago, people like doing things for pleasure. maybe they did not invent the word "hobby" for them yet but they still had them.

His favorite hobby is doing accents.

You write it yourself! Copying someone else's work is plagiarism, and it is illegal. It is also not going to have anything about your hobby - it will be about somebody else's hobby.

first thing of something you quite like then start doing it allot and before you know it you've got a hobby

Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Start doing exercise. Find hobby or activity you enjoy and just do it.

As a hobby. If you had eternal existence, what would you be doing now!

yes doing what you love can relieve his or her stress

A business is usually undertaken for commercial reasons. A hobby, on the other hand, is doing something you enjoy but for which you receive no official payment.

Yes, refurbishing rc car bodies is considered a hobby if you enjoy doing it and it is not a job you do always for money. There is a lot of satisfaction in any hobby dealing with refurbishing.

If you are desiring to be an architect, you need to study architecture. If you are doing it as a hobby or for pleasure, you can learn a lot about history by doing so.

When you explain your hobby, think about what you love to do for your pleasure or what you feel like doing.

How does one start a hobby? Just start doing whatever the hobby involves. It doesn't matter if you are crap at it. To some extent that is the point - simply to try at something that interests you. Chances are, if it interests you, you can become good at it.

Amber Tamblyn is known for doing poetry on the side for her hobby. She has two self published books and in 2005 had a book published by Simon and Schuster.

for every other sport/hobby/pasttime...

Yes. Photo editing is considered to be a profession and a hobby. What separates the two is whether or not the person doing the editing is expects to receive financial compension.

Freelancing is not a hobby, but it is like any other work you have as an employee ( and sometimes, it can be tougher ). Many freelancers may consider their work as a hobby since they are doing a job that they love that it doesn't feel like work anymore.

habit, we usually do it.for example we get up every morning but hobby we do it in free time, during the holidays for example play with camputer.

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