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School, church, library, Singapore, Court

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Q: Name a place where you would not be allowed to chew gum?
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What is a conclusion that you can use about why students should be able to chew gum?

Students when allowed to chew gum are less likely to fall asleep as they would be chewing the gum

What is the birth name of Ming Jeng Chew?

Ming Jeng Chew's birth name is Ming Chew.

Why can students chew gum in school?

Usually They Can'tUsually, students are not allowed to chew gum in school. If a school allows students to chew gum, they are in a minority.

Should students be allowed to chew gum during tests?


Are you allowed to chew sugar free gum with breaces?


Is it allowed to chew chewing gum in Singapore?

Not in a public place. The selling of gum to children is treated like selling alcohol to kids here in the US,

Why can't we chew gum in class?

because they can stick it under the desk. I think they stick it under the desk because they are not allowed to chew it. So maybe if they were allowed, they would dispose of it properly, or maybe not. Maybe the reason is because it is like other behaviors that people do when they are bored.

Are you allowed to chew sugar gum?

Yes you are aloud to chew sugar gum. BUT, not when you have braces or any orthodontic hardware in your mouth.

Are Gerbils allowed to chew on paper?

It depends on what kind of paper it is. They can chew on toilet paper or paper towel tubes and they can chew on white paper. It is best if they chew on paper that is not dyed, because the dye can be harmful to them.

What are some good attention grabbers for a essay about chewing gum in class?

Students should be allowed to chew gum in school!!! First of all we would nothave to stick it to the desk if we were allowed to chew gum in school because then wecould throw it in the trash without getting in trouble!

Are you authorized to chew gum while in military uniform?

Nope, it is not allowed

Are American idol contestants allowed to chew gum on the show?

yes but they probibly wont anyways 'cause it would mess with the way they sing

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