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push ups

pull ups

sit ups

jumping jacks

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Q: Name an exercise you'd have a hard time doing 10 of?
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When was Doing Hard Time created?

Doing Hard Time was created in 2004.

When is the best time for doing exercise?

In the morning

What does FITT mean in sport?

Specificity - Choosing a type of exercise that is related to the sport you do. Progression - Gradually progress/increase the exercise you are doing. Overload - Doing more exercise than what the muscles are used do. Reversibility - The muscles slowly decrease in strength due to a stop in exercise. Tedium - Varies of different exercising do prevent boredom. Frequency - How often you exercise. Intensity - How hard you exercise. Time - How long you exercise for. Type - The type of exercise you do.

How does exercise affect your ability to do exercise?

It effects because you lose weigh each time witch makes you used to doing exercise.

Name something a person who smokes might have a hard time doing?

quitting running breathing flying climbing stairs

How often how hard and how long you excersise?

A person must do exercise 2 times..... I do exercise 1 time,in the morning.

What is the definition for the acronym FITT?

FREQUENCY: How often you exercise INTENSITY: How hard you exercise TIME: How long you exercise TYPE: What types of exercise you choose

Name something Cinderella would have a hard time doing in her glass slippers?

Running,Tap Dancing,Walking,Mopping,and Jumping

Name a maneuver that a new driver may have a hard time doing?

Parallel Parking, Backing up, U turn, Braking

What can you take for gas BEING PREGNANT?

Moderate exercise, doing it. Another option is watching what you eat (being pregnant, it's hard, I KNOW), also you can drink milk, it soothes your stomach's troubles in NO time!

Is 20 is a good age to start studying ballet?

Any age is a good time to start but if you are 20 it would be very hard to become a professional ballet dancer. If you are just doing it for fun and for exercise that is okay.

Name something specific a first time camper might have a hard time doing?

Pitching a tent Sleeping outside Lighting a fire Cooking/finding food No bathroom