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Q: Name five spinoffs of space exploration technology that we use on earth?
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What are examples of space technology spinoffs?


What space technology spinoffs might used in a school?


Benefits related to earth resources technology and new products in space exploration?

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What are the two examples of technology you use on earth that is a result of space exploration?

Nanotechnology Memory Foam

How will nasa's missions affect life on earth?

The science done at NASA to be able to do some of the things involved in space exploration has spinoffs that end up being used in everyday processes here on the ground.

What are five spinoffs from space exploration?

bar codes, pacemakers, TV satellite, Black and Decker cordless products, ski boots, and toothpaste

Why do they fund NASA's spinoffs?

They don't. NASA invents them for space. We do not fund spinoffs

What is deep space exploration?

Deep space exploration is a phrase used to describe the exploration of space that is not in the immediate vicinity. This typically well away from the planet Earth.

What are four examples of space spinoffs?

The star mapping technology (telescope) is now used to detect breast cancer and early staged tumours.

What kind of technology helped US space program?

It is in astronomy, space travel and exploration

What are three examples of medical spinoffs from the space program?


Why is travel into the interior of the earth not as successful compared with space exploration?

Because the Earths crust is extremely hard to drill into, also interior earth exploration does not yield anywhere near the advantages as that of space exploration.