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Q: Name of Drake and Josh's sister on the show Drake and Josh?
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What is the name of drake and joshs sister on the show drake and josh?

Her name is Megan and is played by Miranda Cosgrove.

What is the Josh's original name in Drake and Josh?

hi joshs real name is josh bell

What is drake and joshes real name?

drake bell and josh peck are drake and joshs real name.

Drake and joshs real names?

Drake Parker's real name is Drake Bell, Josh Nicholl's real name is Josh Peck. Hope that helped!

What is the name of the episode when drake forgets joshs birthday?

Josh Runs into Oprah, Season 4 Premiere

On drake and Josh what is Josh girl friend name?

formost of the episods it's been mindy a brainy student who used to be joshs rival in everything

In drake and josh what is the dads name?

Josh's dad's name in drake and josh is Walter.

On Drake and Josh what are Megan Drake and Josh's real names?

Drake's real name is Drake Bell. Josh's real name is Josh Peck. Megan's real name is Miranda Cosgrove.

What is Drake's original name in drake and josh?

If you mean the actor that plays drake in the television series on nickelodeon "drake and josh" then his real name is Drake Bell.

What Drake the singer's last name?

Well I'm not sure which Drake you're talking about, but if you're talking about Drake in Drake & Josh, then His name is Drake Bell (or Drake Parker in Drake & Josh)

What is the Josh real name in drake and Josh?

Josh Peck and Drake Bell (its their real names) <color=darkorchid><small> his real name is josh peck

What is drake parkers real name in drake and josh?

drake bell

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