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The name of a female quail is a hen and the male is called a cock. The name of a female seal is a cow and the male is a bull.

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What is the name of a female quail?

A female quail is called a hen.

What is the name of and female quail?


What is the name of a female quail called?

they are called hens.

What makes a male bobwhite quail different from a female bobwhite quail?

A mature male bobwhite quail will have a white face while a mature female quail will have a brown face.

What is a mature female quail called?

A mature female quail is called a hen. The adult male quail is called a cock. Very young quail are called chicks. A quail is a bird that belongs to the order Galliformes.

How do you tell if a quail is male or female?

the female has dots on her chest if it is a Japanese quail

What do you call a female quail?


What is a female quail called?


What are female quail called?

Female birds are called hens.

What is the quail female called?

The female is a hen, the male is a cock.

What is the name for a flock of quail?

Name for a flock of quail is Bevy

What is the name of a quail group?

A covey of quail

Female quail called?

They are called hens.

Is a jenny a female grouse?

Grouse and Quail

What is the scientific name of quail?

the scientific name for the quail is coturnix octumix japonica

If you put a male quail and two female quail into a large encloserment with a male pheasant and a female pheasant would the males fight?

It depends on the species, but it is basically unlikely.

Why does a single male quail make a horrible single squawk every 8 seconds for hours?

He is a lonely male calling for a female quail. The high-pitched calling will stop once he finds a mate. Best thing to do is to get him a female quail then he will be content.

What is a California quail scientfic name?

The California quail is callipepla californica.

How do you tell the difference between a male and a female quail?

There are several varieties of Quail. In all of them the males are much more colourful.

What do quail do when they're ready to mate?

if its button qail The female button quail likes to hide from her mate to feel secure.

Why does male quail peck female quail?

idk ask some one with more experience im only doing a report on them.

How can you tell if a quail is male or female?

It depends on what type of quail you are looking at. The ones I normally see are the Bobwhite Quail. The male has black and white stripes on it's head and is generally bigger than that of the female which is mostly just brown with no stripes on or around the head area.

What is female of quail?

Female is a hen.Male is a cock.Young is a chick.A group of quails is called a "covey."

When Quail walk together is it a male and female?

male have a littel motash

How tall do quail get?

Male bobwhite quail can get to a good 6 to 8/9 inches, but the female grows to about 5/6 inches tall.

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