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big but and chicken and turkey leggs. floydhayden wrote author of wiki answers .com

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Do placental mammals have fur?

Terrestrial placental mammals do have fur or hair. Marine placental mammals do not.

Are placental mammals and primates are same?

No. Primates are a group of placental mammals, but there are many placental mammals that are not primates.

Define placental mammals?

placental mammals are the most famous mammals

What are examples of placental animals?

Most mammals are placental...marsupial mammals and monotremes are not placental.

How did placental mammals get their name?

they got that name because they have placenta's

Are bobcats placental mammals?

Yes. Bobcats are placental mammals.

Are hedgehogs placental mammals or marsupials?

Hedgehogs are placental mammals.

Are capybaras placental mammals or monotrems?

Capybaras are placental mammals.

Are armadillos placental mammals?

Yes. Armadillos are placental mammals.

Are rabbits placental mammals or monotremes?

Rabbits are placental mammals.

Are dingoes placental mammals?

Yes. Dingoes are placental mammals.

Are human placental mammals?

Yes, humans are placental mammals

Are shrews placental mammals?

Yes. Shrews are placental mammals.

Are orcas placental mammals?

Yes, orcas are placental mammals

What percent of mammals are placental?

It is estimated that 90% of mammals are placental.

Are Bottle Nosed Dolphins placental mammals or marsupial mammals?

Dolphins are placental mammals.

Do bats have pouches?

No. Bats are placental mammals, and placental mammals do not have pouches.

Are giraffes non-placental mammals?

No. Giraffe are placental mammals.

How do placental mammals reproduce?

The answer to how placental reproduce is sexually. Placental mammals are developed inside the body of the mothers.

Are humans classified as placental mammals?

Yes, humans are classified as placental mammals.

Is a leopard a placental mammal?

Yes, leopards are placental mammals as are most mammals.

Are most mammals placental?

Most mammals are placental. In Australia, however, almost all mammals are marsupials.

Is a Dugong a placental mammal?

Yes. Dugong and other marine mammals are all placental mammals.

Why is placental mammals an ancestor for human and cats?

Human and cat are themselves placental mammals .

Do placental mammals have pouches?

No. Placental mammals are not the ones with pouches. Only marsupials have pouches.

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