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carnivores, such as: tigers, dogs, cats, lions, and humans.

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Q: Name of animals who eat other animals?
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What is the name of animals that eat animals?

Carnivores are animals that eat meat but predators are animals who actually kill other animals and eat them.

Another name for animals that eat other animals?


What is a name for animals who only eat other animals?

Carnivores are animals who eat other animals. Herbivores are animals who eat only plants. And Omnivores are animals who eat both plants and animals(most humans are omnivores).

Name the animals that are scavengers?

Scavengers are animals that eat other animals they didn't kill themselves. Like vultures and hyenas, they eat other animals kills and animals that died of natural causes.

What animals eat herbivores?

Herbivores are animals that don't eat other animals. Animals that eat other animals are called Carnivores.

What other animals eat meat or other animals?

Animals that eat meat from other animals are called "Carnivores"

Proper name for insects that eat other insects?

Well, the name given to animals who eat insects is Insectivors.

Why do lions eat other animals?

they eat other animals to survive

What animals eat mostly plants?

Herbivores is the general name for animals that eat only plants. Otherwise, Omnivores eat both plants and other animal.

Are animals omnivore?

Omnivores are animals that eat both other animals and plants. Carnivores are animals that eat other animals. Herbivores are animals that just eat plants.

When animals eat other animals what being transferred?

Energy is being transferred when animals eat other animals...

What does animals get when they eat other animals?

The first person seems right to me.

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