Name of gondh tree in Telugu?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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The name for gondh tree in Teluga is "Thumma Jiguru." The "gum" and leaves from these trees are used in some ayurvedic treatments.

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gondh is a common word in Hindi and Urdu.

gondh means 'jiguru' జిగురు, banka బంక in Telugu.

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Q: Name of gondh tree in Telugu?
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What is the Telugu name of gondh?

The Telugu name for gondh is "Antu" or "Guggillu." It is commonly used in traditional Indian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine for its health benefits.

What is khanewala gondh in Telugu?

Khanewala gondh in Telugu is known as "Gondh Kasturi" or simply "Gondh." It is a traditional edible gum or sap obtained from the sap of certain trees and is commonly used in Indian cuisine for its thickening properties and health benefits.

What is Telugu meaning about gondh?

In Telugu, "gondh" generally refers to a sweet edible resin obtained from the bark of various trees. It is used in traditional medicine and cooking for its aromatic and healing properties.

What is gondh in Tamil?

what is gondh ,where to get and how does it look like (in English call gum tree)

Picture of gum of tree gondh?

There are several pictures of gum from the tree Gondh. They are available online and in various books and resource books.

What is the name for Gondh in Tamil?


What is the English name of Gondh Gum Tree?

exact answer: NEEM furthur reference: "gondh" is a tamil word for "RESIN". the neem's(veppa maram) resin is widely used for binding works or paper fixing rubber is the resin/gondhu from rubber tree asofotida (perumgayam in tamil ) is the resin/gondhu from the tree of the same name widely grown in persia/afganistan similarly sambrani is also the resin of a tree....OK....

What is gondh in Bengali?

"Gondh" in Bengali can refer to a type of edible resin derived from tree sap, often used in sweets and traditional medicine for its medicinal properties. It is commonly known as "gum arabic" in English.

What is the meaning of gondh in Tamil?

In Tamil, "gondh" (கொண்டு) typically refers to a type of edible resin or gum extracted from tree sap. It is used in traditional medicine as well as in cooking to provide texture and thickness to certain dishes.

What is gum or gondh in kannada?

Gum or gondh in Kannada is known as "ಅಂಜೀರ್" (Anjeer).

What is mean by edible gum in Tamil?

it is natural gum from tree, called GONDH in Tamil , having lot of medicinal uses in naturalway.

What is word citronella tree translated to Telugu?

The word "citronella tree" translated to Telugu is కెసరువాస్త్రి చెట్టు (Kesaruvastri Chettu).