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Swallow and Amazons


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"Sharpedo Attack!" (Escape! Samehader's Island!!)Episode 292Keen.

Northan island.. its is british territory

Fraser Island, off the coast of southeast Queensland, was given its name after Captain James Fraser, his wife and crew, were stranded there following a shipwreck just north of the island in 1836. Only Eliza Fraser survived, and after her rescue, the island was named in her honour.

by the indians and there was a Dutch sailer in 1772 who was sailing down by the tip of South America on Easter Day, hence the name Easter Island

'Sailing', a hit for Rod Stewart in 1975, was written by Gavin Sutherland in 1972 and first performed by his British folk rock duo, the Sutherland Brothers. 'Sailing' was also the name of a 1980 hit written and performed by Christopher Cross.

No, it is a British Halfpenny. All Australian coins will have AUSTRALIA on them somewhere. British coins do not have the country name on them. The sailing ship is Sir Francis Drake's "Golden Hind". The same reverse design was used for British Halfpennies from 1937 until 1967.

In the Odyssey, when Odysseus get stranded on the island (the other side of the Cyclops island if you want extra facts), because of his men eatting the sacred cattle of Apollo, the fairy that greats him on the island's name is Calypso.

Antigua, one of the island component of the twin island nation of Antigua & Barbuda got its name from Santa Maria La Antigua. It was an icon or image in the Spanish Seville Cathedral. Christopher Columbus gave that name in 1493 as he sailed by the island. Today, the picturesque island is one of the premier luxury travel destinations of those who want adventures in ever-green tropics, forests, and wetlands. The magnificent coastal line of the island has become a perfect setting for sailing such that international sailing regattas has chosen the island as their stage.

It is named after British explorer William Baffin.

The island of Great Britain and the island of Ireland.

Terrence B Lettsome Airport on Beef Island, connects to Tortola by bridge.

No, sailing is a common noun. A proper noun is a specific name or title, such as the Sailing Supplies Online site or the 1938 movie 'Sailing Along'.

Build a Shelter Find Food Find Fresh Water Pray Cry Build A Fire Explore

"Caesarea" is the Latin name for the Island of Jersey in the British Channel Islands.

Such a coin does not exist. Canada has not used the British sterling currency system since the mid-19th century. If the coin has no country name on it and has a sailing ship on the reverse, it would be a British Halfpenny.

Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena.The British garrison established to protect Napoleon was set up on Ascension Island in 1815. Ascension Island is NW of St. Helena, in the Atlantic Ocean.

1) A Ship 2) A sailing dinghy 3) A sailboat

The French found Prince Edward Island before the British. Île Saint-Jean, as the French called it, was made part of the French colony of Acadia. It was an area of contention between the French and British until the Treaty of Paris gave control to the British in 1763. The British built a new colony on the island, initially calling it St. John's Island. The name was changed to Prince Edward Island in 1798.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island.

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