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Name of scientist who invented computer?


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John Vincent Ansoff, from Bulgaria, invented the first computer.

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scientist invented a computer mode because with the help of a computer we can make the ease of learning they predict that man have become slaves in the hands of computer

Philip Emeagwali(a black Nigerian computer scientist) invented the Supercomputer.

The computer wasn't discovered, it was invented. Charles Babbage is generally credited with inventing the first mechanical computer.

George Stephenson invented the engine for locomotives

The name of the computer Charles Babbage invented Difference Engine and then Analytical Engine.

Television was invented not discovered.

Democritus in ancient Greece

The earliest version of the modern computer was invented by Alan Turing in the 1940's. Turing was a British computer scientist, logician and mathematician.

i dont no the answer please send it fast

what scientist invented carbolic acid

Mark E Dean is a computer scientist and he invented the IBM computers

After Charles Babbage, the next scientist was called Sir William Thomson.

Everyone thinks Galileo Galilei invented it but, actually he copied and improved a telescope made by a dutch scientist named ......... ................... I'm sorry i don't know his name but i want to find it out!

First fully functional computer invented in 1944. Name of 1st F.F. computer was the Harvard Mark I, invented by Howard Aiken.

Carbon is a natural element. There is no scientist that invented Carbon. Carbon was discovered in prehistoric times.

Germany by a German scientist by the name of Rudolf diesel in 1897

Some guy with the last name Standford. Science Olympiad Name that Scientist

Alessandro Volta was the scientist who invented batteries he was an Italian man.He was born in 1745 and died in 1827.

No-one 'invented' the ampere. It was named as the unit of electric current, many years after the death of the scientist by that name.

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