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Panama Canal

... most definitely not the Panama canal which is less than 100 miles in length, Erie canal is somewhere around 360 miles, does not mean this is the longest, but it certainly is the longest that I am aware of St. Lawrence seaway is somewhere around 2500 miles long but is not just a canal, its a mixture of canal, lake, river, and others that im unsure of

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Q: Name of the longest canal in the western hemisphere?
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The longest canal in the world is in the western hemisphere it is 2400 feet long what is the name of this canal?

the panama canal longest canal is in china, in western hemisphere its not the panama canal which is less than 100 miles, possibly the Erie canal at about 360 miles, st Lawrence seaway is at about 2500 miles (assuming you meant miles and not feet...) but its not just a canal

What is the name of the canal that is 2400 feet in the western hemisphere?

the name is St. Laarence Seewaa

What is the name of the longest canal in Britain?

the name of the longest canal in Britain is the Standedge Tunnel canal.

The name of the world's longest canal?

grand canal in china

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Niagara Falls is in the western hemisphere.

What is the name of the longest canal tunnel?

B. Suez canal Tunnel

What is the name of the longest canal in the world?

The world's longest canal is the Grand Canal, which is located in China. This canal is 1,115 miles long and is a popular tourist spot.

Name the four hemipheres?

Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, Western Hemisphere, and the Eastern Hemisphere.

Name the two hemisphere that most of Europe is located.?

eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere

What is a tundra name that is in the western hemisphere?

A Tundra!!!!

What is the name of the ocean east of the western hemisphere and west of the eastern hemisphere?

The name of the ocean is the Pacific Ocean.

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The Great Basin Desert is the largest of the major deserts in the western hemisphere.

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