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The name comes from utility + corridors

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Q: Name of the network of underground tunnels beneth the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?
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What is the name of the network of underground tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney world?


Are there really underground tunnels at Disney World?

Yes, they are called Utilidors. The Utilidors were actually built on the ground level of the Magic Kingdom then covered with dirt dug from the Seven Seas Lagoon. The theme park was then constructed on top of this. Cast members can quickly travel across the park without being seen by guests, furthering the immersive illusion of Walt Disney World. The Utilidors also house operations offices, storage warehouses, and costuming.

Can Cinderella's Castle in Disney World go underground?

If you're asking can the literal castle as a whole go underground, No it cannot. If you're asking can you go underground via tunnels at Cinderella's Castle & around the park, Yes at least the cast & employees can. The public cannot.

What secrets does Disney World hide?

If we told you, they wouldn't be secrets anymore, now would they?You might get better answers if you asked a more specific question, like "is there a network of underground tunnels beneath Disney World" (yes, they're used for maintenance and to allow certain cast members to quickly reach a specific area without interfering with guests) or "is Walt Disney's frozen head preserved in the basement of the castle at Disney World" (no, don't be ridiculous).

What are the tunnels for at Disney World?

they are for rides in disneyland

Is there an mind controlling place under Disney World?

No, but i believe in either Disneyland or Disney World, underneath the magic kingdom is a series of tunnels the workers use for means of transportation. They also use it as a place to change if they are going from part of the park to another

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When was Dinosaur - Disney's Animal Kingdom - created?

Dinosaur - Disney's Animal Kingdom - was created in 1998.

Where Can you Find the magical kingdom?

Well, the magic kingdom is in Disney world. Disney world is in Orlando, Florida.

What year did Disney's Animal Kingdom open?

Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day, April 22, 1998.

What kingdom is the best in Disney World?

Magic Kingdom.

What Disney water park is bigger?

The biggest Disney park is Disney's Animal Kingdom.