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What is the scientific name for animals that live under ground?


Do worms grow out of the ground?

Worms are animals. While they can live out of the ground, they do not grow "out of the ground;" they live in the ground.

What animals live under ground?

you live underground -.-

What animals live in mounds?

Moles live in mounds in the ground. Gophers also live in mounds in the ground.

Which animals live in the ground or under ground?

Worms, mice, groundhogs

What animals live above ground?

monkeywolffoxeswild boarslionssquirrel animals can live on the ground but and under the groundhedgehogmolesnakemouseharerat animals habitat can be a waterturtlecan be on the groundcrocodilecan be on the groundfrogcan be on the grounddolphinlizard

What animals live in holes in the ground?


What animals that live in the forest do not live in trees?

Animals like foxes, badgers, skunks, deers etc live on ground.

Where do the big animals live in the rainforest?

they live in trees and under ground

What are some animals that live on the ground?

There is a bird called a KillDeer that burrows in the ground.

What animals live above the ground?

birds and bats

What animals live on land?

name for animals that live on land

What are burrowing animals?

Animals that live in holes in the ground like rabbits, groundhogs, gophers, voles, ground squirrels, etc etc

What animals have pinnas?

Some mammals and the animals that live underwater are the animals that have pinna's. The animals that crawl on the ground also have pinna's.

What is the name of the creatures who live above ground?

creatures that live above the ground. der

Which animals live in the ground floor?

rats moles mice

Does a cheetah live on the ground?

Yes, cheetahs are running animals.

What animals live in trees and ground?

a monkeys a parrot's beetles

Where do animals of the rain forest live?

Some live in the canopies of the trees, And some live on the ground, you see.

Which Animals living under ground?

Many animals live in burrows or underground. Gophers and moles live in tunnels underground and foxes and rabbits live in burrows.

What animals live in rotting logs?

raccoons and possums and other animals like that live in the rotting logs and sometimes turtles or animals that usually live on the ground will live and make a habitat in a rotting log for protection.

Name for animals that live on land?

land animals

Animals that live on the forst floor?

There are a number of different animals that live on the forest floor. Some examples of ground dwelling animals include insects, snakes, and moles.

What animals live under the earth?

moles worm ground hogs

Which animals live on ground?

um all land creature (dude!!)

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