Name the developed districts of orissa?

Jagatsinghpur is the most developed district of Odisha.87.68% of male literacy & 69.86% of female literacy which is higher than the national level.People of this dist. are more consious.Education,Agriculture & indrustiliztion is very well in this dist.The heritage & the culture of this coastal disrtrict are very great.There are so many eminent person in this dist .like the first poet Adikabi Sarala Das,the first botanist Dr Pranakrushna Parija,The First CM of Odisha Naba krushna Choudhury,freedom FIghter Malati Choudhury, Ramadevi,journalist Gopal Chhotray,Cricket player Debasish Mohanty,otherrs like Pratibha Ray,Bibhuti Pattanayak,Jatiya Kabi Bira kishore ,are from this district.