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Four southwestern states were many Mexicans originally settled are Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Parts of this region were originally controlled by Mexico during the colonial period.

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Q: Name the four southwestern states where many Mexicans lived originally or settled?
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Where are the Hopi located?

The Hopi tribe were originally settled in the southwestern United States. The current Hopi reservation is located in northeastern Arizona.

Which colonizing country settled throughout South America and what became the southwestern United states?


Which US states were originally settled by Spain?


Are Mexicans an embarassment?

To Americans, maybe. After all, how come they are actually conquering the southwestern United States, eventually renaming it all as Aztlan with Mexifornia and Mexas as its greatest, most Mexican states?

Where do most Mexicans live in the United States?

They tend to settle more in the Southwestern region, such as Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and California, however many have migrated north and reach throughout the United States.

What is a western diamond back rattlesnake originally from?

Western diamondback rattlesnakes are found in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico.

Which country originally settled the colony of Alaska?

Russian Empire owned it until the United States bought it from them.

What country does popcorn originally come from?

Popcorn was first grown in the Southwestern area of North America now part of the United States and Mexico.

Why are there many Mexicans here?

Because the southwestern United States once belonged to Mexico. Also, many hardships back home prompt many Mexican nationals to seek work in the US.

What foreign country touches three of the Southwestern states?

Mexico borders the Southwestern states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

What country is directly south of and adjacent to the southwestern United states?

Mexico is directly south of and adjacent to the southwestern United States.

Where did The Hopi live before the arrival of Europeans?

Hopi Native Americans originally populated the southwestern portion of the United States prior to European contact. The Spanish were the first European people to encounter them in 1540.

Where did the pueblo settle?

Pueblo people are descendants of ancient tribes who settled in the United States' southwestern areas. Settlements were located in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. They are known and named for living in pueblos, on cliffs and in pit houses.

How many Southwestern states are there?


How many more states does the southern states have than southwestern states?

fourteen more states

Which is last of southwestern states is the last to join union?

Arizona was the last southwestern state to join the Union.

Why doesn't desert exist in the southwestern United States?

All major desert regions of the United States are in the southwestern part of the country.

Are most of the deserts in the southwestern or northwestern part of the US?

Most deserts of the United States are located in the southwestern area.

Where is Texas in the US?

It is in the southwestern United States.

Is phoenix located in the southwestern states?

Yes. It is located in Arizona.

How many more southern states are there then southwestern states?

there are 14 states

What desert is in the southwestern of United States?

Chihuahuan Desert, the Painted Desert, the Sonoran Desert, the Great Basin Desert and the Mojave Desert are all located in the southwestern United States.

The Mojave Desert is located in the southwestern part of?

The Mojave Desert is located in the southwestern United States.

Region of New Mexico?

Southwestern United States.

Is Arizona in the South of America?

No, it is in the Southwestern United States.