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proper nutrition

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Q: Name the method of avoiding disease using fruits and vegetable juice?
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Which is a method of avoiding phagocytosis?

Inducing phagocytosis.

Method to avoiding phagocytosis?

Producing toxins

Which is the method of avoiding phagocytosis?

Inducing endocytosis

What is the best method for natural weight loss?

The best method for natural weight loss is moderation. You should eat in moderation and make sure to include lots of vegetable, wheat and fruits. You should also exercise regularly and in moderation.

Is there an organic method to prevent pregnancy?

Abstaining from vaginal sex is an all-natural method of avoiding pregnancy.

Which of the following is not a function of fruits?

Method of Pollination

Are cucumbs fruits?

Well, first of all I think you mean Cucumbers. Cucumbers nutrition wise are a vegetable, but from the categorization method of whomever decides this Cucumbers are a fruit. Because they have a pit or something of that sort.

What safe method of intercourse for avoiding pregnancy?

Condoms both safest & easiest.

Why does the table for non communicable disease not have a column for organism responsible or method of transmission?

A non-communicable disease or NCD is a disease which is not infectious, therefore it does not have any method of transmission to other organisms.

What is method is used to harvest vegetable crops?

Vegetable crops such as broccoli, asparagus, celery, lettuce, and cabbage are still harvested largely by hand.

What does Allopathic mean?

Allopathic means a method of treating disease by the use of remedies that produce effects different from those of the disease treated. This is in opposition to the homeopathic method.

What has the author Robert D Foster written?

Robert D. Foster has written: 'The North American Indian doctor, or, Nature's method of curing and preventing disease according to the Indians' -- subject(s): Ethnobotany, Formulae, receipts, prescriptions, Indians of North America, Materia medica, Vegetable, Medicine, Vegetable Materia medica

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