Alligators and Crocodiles

Name the snake that can swallow a crocodile?

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An anaconda can swallow pretty much anything...

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Can a snake swallow a crocodile?

Yes.They could separate their upper and lower jaws so they could swallow the victim whole

Can a crocodile eat a snake?

Yes I think a crocodile can eat a snake Yes I think a crocodile can eat a snake

Could a snake swallow a car?

No. No snake is large enough to swallow a car.

Can a python swallow a crocodile?

A python can swallow a crocodile, but there are factors. It would depend on the type and size of the python and the size of the crocodile. A python can burst if it tries to eat an animal that is too large.

A crocodile V a snakewho would win?

crocodile would completely own a snake, anydayyyyyyy crocodile would completely own a snake, anydayyyyyyy

Can a snake swallow a cow?

it depends what snake it is

Snake eats crocodile?

Only very big snakes can eat crocodiles, or it has to be a baby crocodile then for the snake it is edible.

Can a snake really swallow a person?

It depends what kind of snake ,but an anaconda could definitely swallow a human.

What are examples of reptiles?

lizard, turtle, crocodile snakeRep-tile in mathsnakecrocodilelizardKomodo dragonGalapagos turtleiguanachameleonKomodo Dragonlizardsnakecrocodilealligatoriguanageacko

Is a crocodile stronger then a snake?

Crocodiles are much bigger and stronger then a snake

Can a snake swallow a egg?

It depends on wat snake??? comment me!! ;)

What is the name of a Reptile that starts with N?

Nile Crocodile Nappy Haired Lizard Northen Indigo Snake

Can a crocodile kill a snake?

Yes. A crocodiles can kill a snake fairly easily.

How crocodile and snakes eat their food?

Crocs don't use their teeth for chewing but rather to grip their prey and they just toss it to the back of their throats and swallow it down. If venomous, the snake will bite their prey, envenomate, kill it, swallow it down whole. If nonvenomous, they would either constrict their prey and swallow it down or just bite and wait for it to stop struggling and swallow.

How can a thin snake swallow a fat rat?

Because a snake has no bones.

What is a good name for a webkinz crocodile?

since it's green, i have read a book called Verdi, and it was about a green snake named Verdi. so i recommend the name Verdi, for the webkinz crocodile. ----------------------------------------------------------------- I saaay, Crocky. [: -----------------------------------------------------------------

Can a snake swallow a human?

A anaconda could PROBALY swallow a small human.

Why does a snake swallow its prey?

The same reason you swallow a piece of food - for nourishment !

How can a snake swallow a fat rat?

how a thin snake swallows a fat rat

How does crocodile swallow?

They tilt their head up and let gravity do the rest.

What are names for reptiles?

snake, turtle, crocodile, Alligator

How do snake eats?

They swallow their prey whole.

Latin name for 'crocodile'?

the latin name for crocodile is 'crocodilius'!! =P

How can a snake swallow a whole human?

If the snake is big enough it will just unhinge its jaws

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