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Names of alkalis?

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lol u fell for it i dont no hahaha

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List the names of three bases of alkali that are not alkaline?

please tell me bases which are not alkalis

What are the names of some laboratory acids and alkalis?

acids are hydrocloric acid, alkali is sodium hydroxide

What are some uses for alkalis?

alkalis can be strong or weak.

Is toothpaste an alkalis?

it is 95% alkalis and 5% acid

What is the importence of acids and alkalis?

alkalis neutralise indigestion

Are alkalis are alkalis red when added to acid?


What is alkalis made of?


Are all alkalis dissolable?

All alkalis are soluble in water.

Why acids are useful?

Otherwise we would have nothing to neutralise alkalis with, the whole would be alkalis rather than acids and alkalis.

List four properties of alkalis?

1)Alkalis have a High Ph 2)Alkalis often feel soapy 3)Alkallis can be corrosive 4)Alkalis Neutralise Acids to make Salts

What do alkalis feel like between your fingers?

Alkalis feel soapy

What are some examples of alkalis at home?

Most cleaning products are alkalis

Do oven cleaners contain alkalis?

Oven cleaner does contain alkalis

What are industrial alkalis?

They are alkalis, such as sodium carbonate, used by industries, such as glassmakers.

Can alkalis be transported by road?

Yes alkalis and acids can be transported by road.

Do acids counteract alkalis?

Yes, acids neutralize alkalis and inverse.

Are all Alkalis dangerous?

NO, not all of the alkalis are dangerous. For example, soap is made with alkalis. However, most of them are dangerous, so we should be carefully with them!

Is shampoo an acid or alkalis?

only some types of shampoos contains alkalis

What are alkalis properties?

alkalis are corrosive, normally water soluble and are very soapy.

Does copper react quickly with alkalis?

Copper doesn't react wih alkalis.

What are the names of some alkalis?

Alkalies are simply bases which are soluble in water. Most commonly known alkalies are NaOH, KOH,LiOH

Household acids and alkalis?

households acids and alkalis is formic acid and syitric acid

Are metal carbonates alkalis?

yes i love you but yes they are alkalis they are usually soluble bases

Alkalis turn paper blue?

Alkalis turn red litmus paper blue.

Does milk have alkalis?


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