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Q: Narrow mountain pass where the Greeks hoped to stop the invading Persians?
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What was the name of the narrow pass where 9000 Greeks clashed with 150000 Persians?

The pass of Thermopylae.

What is a narrow mountain that pass where the Greeks valiantly fought?


How did the greeks win the battle salamis?

By duping the Persians into splitting their forces so that a third of their navy was not present, and catching them badly dispersed in two narrow straits and engaging and overcoming them piecemeal.

How many Persians died from the 300 Greeks?

My guess is that you're talking about the Battle of Thermopylae. The Persians lost about 20,000 men, but there weren't "300 Greeks" ... there were 300 Spartans, in a mixed force totaling around 7,000 Greeks in all. They managed to hold off the Persian army for around a week, including two days of actual fighting.When the (much larger) Persian army found a way around the narrow pass to outflank the Greeks, the Spartan general Leonidas and a force of about 300 Spartans (and around 1200 other Greeks from various cities) remained to hold off the Persians while the bulk of the Greek force escaped to warn the cities of Greece that the Persians had taken the pass and were on their way. This rear guard was essentially annihilated on the third day of fighting. All told, the Greeks lost between 2,000 and 4,000 men in the battle.

Why did the Greeks choose Thermopylae as the place to oppose the Persians?

To force a sea battle in the narrow strait adjacent. The object was to destroy the Persan flet which threatened the Grek cities, and also protected the Persian supply fleet.

In the battle of marathon how were the Spartans able to hold off such a large Persian army?

The Spartans, alongside other Greeks were able to hold the Persians by fighting in the narrow pass of Thermopylae with the sea on one side and cliffs on the other. They were a…

What is a narrow gap in a mountain range called?

A narrow gap in a mountain range is called a pass or a mountain pass.

What do you call to the long narrow chain of hills and mountain?

A long narrow chain of hills and mountains is called a mountain range or a mountain chain.

What military leader led the Persians into the narrow waters of the strait of Salamis?


Where did the army of 300 Spartans guarded a narrow pass against the Persians?


Who beat who in the battle of Thermopylae?

There were two sides. An assembled team of Greek states and the Persians. The Greek states were heavily outnumbered, due to the size of the Persian army and the fact that many Greek states didn't send any armies. The Greeks beat the Persians in the naval battle, forcing them to go through the narrow pass guarded by the states' armies. The armies stood at the pass blocking the Persians. The Persians failed to destroy the blocking army. Eventually a local citizen showed the Persians a path through the mountains. The leader of the army King Leonidas decided to send the bulk of the army away and keep about 1100 men to keep blocking the pass. These men were annihilated, but it was a Pyrrihic victory for the Persians, as they lost more men then they killed. The Persians were later defeated by the Greeks a year after the battle

What is a 5 letter word for a narrow mountain stream?

A five-letter word for "narrow mountain stream" is "brook".