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The zebras natural enemies are: Hyenas, lions, cheetahs, and wild dogs Hope that helped!


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the enemies of the mountain zebra is lions and hyenas

zebra sharks enemies are humans and large sharks

Zebra mussels do not have many natural predators in North America. But, it has been documented that several species of fish and diving ducks have been known to eat them.

the natural selection of a zebra is .............................................................

Are people zebra enemies? no they are not. Just don't go and annoy a zebra and like kick it and do mean things like that. Leave it alone and it will not hurt you!

most commonly it is the lion.

If you mean who is then that would be the lions

Enemies: Lions, Hyenas, Hunting Dogs, Leopards, and Cheetahs

tiger sharks are a zebra bullhead sharks predator/enemy

big cats, especially lions

The natural enemies are The Orcas and sharks.

What is the Barreleye fish natural enemies?

well, mongoose's natural enemies are the snakes

The duration of Natural Enemies is 1.67 hours.

the natural enemies of coral are global rising and more

humans are the white tigers natural enemies.

No, the Arctic wolf is an apex predator and has no natural enemies.

the mayans enemies was the natural disasters.

wolves don't have natural enemies but what kills the most of them is humans

Adult pandas have no natural enemies, other than humans.

They will run away. They can kick and bite an enemy.

The natural enemies of Eagle Rays are Sharks mainly the Tiger Shark

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