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need a wiring diagram for a sears ss16 tractor with onan engine

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Q: Need a wiring diagram for a sears ss16 tractor with onan engine?
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Where can you get a wiring diagram for a sears electric mower model 663 913840?

You can call Sears customer service and they will be able to get you a wiring diagram. You can also go to the library and see if they have one.

What engine will replace a sears ss 16 garden tractor onan engine?

I re-powered mine with a 24hp Honda Twin Cylinder form Northern Tools in Richmond, Virginia. You will have to drill holes in the tractor frame. the mounting bolts are different. Wiring can be a little tricky. The wiring scheme is different from the original. Other than that, the engine is a-w-e-s-o-m-e. But be careful, the power is scary.

Where is the oil plug in a sears lawn tractor?

More info is needed. Sears uses many different engines. We will need to know which engine is in the mower. There should be a tag or sticker on the top of the engine with the brand and HP.

Which tractor parts are available from Sears?

There are many different tractor parts available on the Sears website. Some of the most popular tractor parts include parts for the John Deere tractor.

What is the model number for a sears craftsman gt5000 garden tractor with a 25hp kohler engine and a 48 mowing deck?


Need a wiring diagram for craftsman LT4000 mower?

Wiring diagram is available on the Sears/parts website, within the model instruction book, which is a downloadable .pdf file. That's where I just got my copy. Found the problem, and I'm ready for snow.

Where can you find an owners manual for a Sears Garden Tractor Model 917255910?

The owner's manual for the Sears Garden Tractor model number 917255910 can be viewed on the official Sears Parts Direct website. This is an 18 horsepower tractor.

Wiring diagram craftsman 917255918 mower?

If you go to the Sears parts web site, which is, put in your model number, it will show you on the following pages all the parts listings including diagrams for the whole mower, including the wiring diagram. Good Luck!!

What is the oil capacity of a Sears 42 lawn tractor CV16S with 16.5HP Kohler engine?

The Kohler CV16S engine (including filter) holds 2 quarts of oil.

How can you get a wiring diagram for a Craftsman deluxe 10 table saw model 113-298340c? sears parts direct. online . searspartsdirect . online .

Did Sears have a Sears brand tractor in 1930?

In 1930 Sears didn't have a chain of stores. They were located in Chicago and mainly sold through a catalog. The brands Sears sell didn't exist in 1930. They would have sold a tractor but not a Sears brand.

Who makes Sears lawn tractor?