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Need information on 28 gauge single barrel shotguns?


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That's a pretty tall order. Do you have a specific question? The bore diameter of a 28 gauge is .550 inches. A 2 3/4 inch 28 gauge is equivalent to a 3 inch 410. It is not really a popular hunting gun, but is used by many skeet shooters.


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Numerous companies in many countries have made single shot 12 gauge shotguns.

There are numerous newly made folding single shot 24 and 32 gauge shotguns on I think the cost is under $200.00 for these.

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. There is little collector interest in single barrel shotguns. Information about J Stevens Arms apply to Riverside Arms Co.

the value of a 1948 Stevens double barrel shotgun 16 gauge. Hammerless.

28 gauge with single barrel How do you find its age and value?

You can find information for the 16 gauge Worthington Challenger single barrel shotgun at most gun stores and pawn shops. Many of these stores offer free appraisals and have knowledgeable clerks.

I have not been able to find where these shotguns originated, but the reason I am replying is due to the fact that my finch arms 12ga. single barrel is also stamped with 200743

when was the carolina arms 16 gauge single barrel shotgun made

Shotguns are refered to by "gauge" not "caliber". It should be marked on the barrel.

New empire was one of the miriad of brand names used by the Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich, Ct. between 1892 and about 1922. They manufactured good quality, inexpensive single and double barrel shotguns for field use.

Double barrel? Single barrel? Model? Need more information in order to be able to answer.

If that number is appearing on the frame, as I suspicion it is, that is the serial number and not the model number. The model information appears on the barrel and will be something similar to 101.1. In any event, these single-shot shotguns top out at $75.

These single-barrel Crescent shotguns range from < $50 as a parts gun, to maybe $100 if in excellent shape.

Store brand from turn of the century. Little value.

Need to know exactly how the gun is marked, including any punctuation in the model number. In any event, 20ga single barrel shotguns are going to sell for under $100.

Shotguns are described by GAUGE not caliber. Most are marked on the barrel as to the gauge and correct ammuntion for use.

The military does not mount 8 guage shotguns on boats. Sometimes shotguns are CARRIED aboard boats, but those are 12 gauge. Afraid you have been given some bad information.

You have one of only 2,000 model 335 savage shotguns made.These shotguns were made from 1926-1935.

If I had to guess, I'd say 12 gauge since that would be the most common. But it could be 16, 20, or .410. It is possible, but not likely, that it is 10, 24, or 28 gauge. Anyone familiar with shotguns should be able to tell you just by looking, but you can also measure the diameter of the barrel. The diameter of a 12 gauge barrel should be approximately .729 inches, a 16 gauge .663, a 20 gauge .615, and a 410 is measured as a caliber .410 inches. The diameter at the breech will be a bit higher than these measurements and at the muzzle it will be a bit smaller.

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