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== == == == 1) begin with key out of ignition 2)close all doors 3)open drivers door 4)perform following a...insert key b...turn onand off 3 times c...remove key from ignition d...push driver door frame button 3 times (balck rubber button located on door jam). 5) buzz or chime sound will be heardsignaling vehicle in program mode. 6)all transmitters need to be programmed at this time. push the transmitter 2 times. a buzz or chime will be heard indication transmitter programmed. if this is the only one press transmitter 2 more times. if ther is another on don't press 1st transmitter the 2nd 2 times but press 2nd transmitter 2 times and listen for conformation. if heard press 2nd transmitter 2 more times. the additional 2 more times signals that the is the only or last transmitter to be programmed.

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Q: Need programming code for 2001 Mazda Millenia for keyless remote?
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Could the condition be caused by using the remote locking while still inside the auto?

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If you know the steps to follow to programme your remote, all you have to do is at the time of programming 1st remote (by pressing any button) you also press any button on 2nd remote during the programming stage. Answers how to programme your remote can be found on this site.

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