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There are four relays that run the fans. Check them. In the mean time run your defogger and that should kick on the fans.

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Q: Neither coolant fans are not turning on in idle What could the problem be?
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The coolant fluid is pouring out of a 01 malibu. what could be the problem?


Won't turn over then white smoke?

If the smoke is coming from the exhaust then it's coolant. If its not turning over then it could be hydrolocked from a coolant leak.

What is the cause for lukewarm heat and coolant leak but car has not overheated?

The coolant leak is pretty cut and dry - you have a leak somewhere. The lukewarm heat (assuming you're referring to the car's heater) could be for a number of reasons. Insufficient coolant could be one of those. Your coolant could be burnt out. It could be a problem with one of your heater hoses. You could have a worn out heater core.

Why is check coolant message coming up when coolant levels are good on 2003 Cadillac deville?

It could be symptomatic of a larger problem. The coolant may not be circulating properly, or the indicator panel or car's computer could be developing trouble.

1999 dodge caravan that is overheating what cold be the problem?

First thing to do is check the coolant level.MAKE SURE THE ENGINE IS COLD BEFORE REMOVING THE RAD CAP.If the coolant level is low, it is most likely due to a leak.The thermostat might be sticking,or perhaps the electric cooling fan is not turning on when it is supposed to, it is controlled by the vehicle`s computer.Worst case scenario could be a faulty head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. I suppose it could be a circulation problem but I have found this to be rather rare,(water pump problem)

What does it mean when your coolant tank boil over?

You could possibly have a circulation problem, or a over heating problem. Need more info.

Why Car engine stalls when turning?

If a car engine stalls when turning, there could be a problem with the power steering pump. There could also be an issue with an emissions control device.

What could be the problem for coolant leaks under Chevrolet suburban 1996?

Intake manifold gasket

How come when a 96 eclipse starts to get hot it begins to push the coolant to the reserve tank and begins to over flow after that the temperature begins to rise?

You could have a partially blocked radiator or a thermostat that is not opening. If neither of THOSE are the problem, you could have a warped head that damaged the head gasket.

2007 cobalt 2.2 engine oil in coolant tank what could be the problem?

If it is an automatic transmission, the cooler in the radiator is most likely leaking into the coolant system.

Idling speed problem of peugeot 406?

A bad coolant temperature sensor is one thing that could cause an idling speed problem with a Peugeot 406. There could also be a problem with the idle control valve.

What is the cause of a coolant leak on top of engine of a 1992 Chevy truck 305 engine?

Could be a problem with the thermostat housing or it's gasket, could be a problem with intake manifold gaskets, could be a problem with heater hoses or the fittings that screw into the manifold.

Why are you losing coolant out of your overflow?

There could be several reasons. Under normal operation, the vehicle will experience this as the coolant heats up and expands into the over flow. A bad water pump, low level of coolant, as well as a clogged radiator could also cause this problem.

Why is 2004 Kia Spectra is running hot?

It's a coolant system problem. The most popular reason is low coolant. But it could be a leak in a hose, radiator, or gasket. It could also be a bad water pump.

Your 2004 Malibu temperature is cold all the time What could be the problem?

coolant tempure sensor,thermastat

What would be the problem if your 86 s10 temp gauge fluctuates?

Could be low on coolant or a faulty thermostat.

89 Cadillac Seville seems to get really hot towhere the coolant bubbles in the reservoir what could be the problem?

Head gasket? Low coolant level? Water pump not circulating coolant? Thermostat not opening? Radiator plugged or restricted?

Why does my 1997 Saab blow white smoke out the tailpipe?

It could be transmission fluid or coolant, or a problem with the catalytic converter.

Why would the heater on your 1988 mercury topaz not give you warm air unless it has been running for 30 minutes?

First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you'll get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. First and foremost, check your coolant levels. If you have insufficient coolant, you may still get heat but only after a long time. It could be a heater core problem, or a plugged line but low coolant is a common cause. There should be a coolant reservoir under the hood, it will have some markings on it indicating hot and cold coolant levels. If that is empty that is a good indicator that you may have low coolant.

Why doesn't my heater work in my 2004 impala?

my heater doesn't work in my 04 Chevy impala. My coolant levels are correct, and this still does not correct the problem. Could it possibly be the coil in the dash. If not what could problem be?

Why does my car have problems accelerating after turning?

The first thing is the oxygen censor could be the issue. There could also be a problem with the fuel pump.

If The thermostat works the heater core is not bad but am using mostly water as your coolant could this be the heater problem no antifreeze?

It could be that your head gasket is blown.

What is the problem when your car runs hot after driving for 10 min and the coolant overflows out?

Could be the thermostat it's stock, replace it.

If the dashboard temp gauge on a 1994 Honda Accord stopped moving what could be the problem and how do you fix it?

low coolant could cause this . without some backround ?

Would a leak in your coolant system cause your battery to die?

Possibly. Under some circumstances it could cause the battery to short out. If the engine has been running hot for long periods, the heat could damage the battery too. It might also be that the engine has internal damage and the starter is having a problem turning it over.