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Q: Never on or near a railroad track?
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Never do what on or near a railroad track while driving?

Stop the car!

When is it safe to go on a railroad track?

It is NEVER safe, but if you go on one you could die.

How many miles of railroad track were in the U'S by 1840?

There are approximately 233,000 miles of railroad track in the United States and back in 1840 there were 21,000 miles of railroad track

Track for train?


What can a three-way switch be compared to?

to a railroad track switch the current flows on one side or the other but is never off

How many feet away should you stop at a railroad track when lights are flashing?

You may not park within ______ of a railroad track.

What state had the first railroad track?

The first railroad track in the United States was the Baltimore to Ohio Railroad, which went through Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio

What do you call the boards on a railroad track?

Railroad ties, popularly known as Sleepers.

What is the width of a railroad track?

56.5" wide

What is the compound word of Track for trains?


What is a compound word for a track of trains?


Where can one purchase Hornby model railroad track?

One can purchase a Hornby model railroad track through several specialty model train sites such as new railway modellers, model railroad, hornby, and gpj model railroad.